Alternative Energy & Healing in Guatemala

Living off grid launches you into a world of self-responsibility and independence. We have learned firsthand that these qualities are not for the faint of heart. As shared in this column a month ago, living off grid requires taking an honest inventory of your true needs. An honest review of electrical devices that will require solar panels and batteries is not just an economic decision…far from it!

Solar panels

Solar panels

Reviewing electrical use builds awareness of one’s values and choices. For example, how many kitchen appliances do you own? Are there specialized machines that mostly gather dust? What is essential?
Nothing need be compromised; however, without awareness of the impact of your choices, you are unable determine the correct type of solar system for your home. An accurate review is essential both for the physical specifications and for your sense of empowerment. Awareness builds clarity around our choices.

In the 1930s a group of efficiency experts went into a Westinghouse factory to review production line efficiency. As a result the engineers documented a principle that is taught in business schools across the world: Production increases when workers are watched! Simply having a guy on the factory floor and holding a clipboard resulted in the workers being focused on their jobs. The engineer was not documenting anything…he just stood there and doodled.

This may seem like common sense yet the deeper learning is this: When we bring awareness to anything in our lives, the simple act of looking stimulates improvement. In short, consciousness offers us enhancement, a restorative principle.

We have equipped our off-grid Holistic Spa at Lake Atitlán with the highest quality mattresses and linens in order to caress the client with refined soft luxury. Our stress-reduction packages always elicit extremely positive reviews. Visitors report a tangible restoration in body and emotional resilience in remarkably short durations of time.

The benefits a client receives are dramatically enhanced in our tranquil, off-grid environment.
Recently we witnessed a miracle! A visitor from the U.S. with severe kidney problems (she is on dialysis), diabetes and other health challenges arrived for a simple overnight with her family. To their dismay they discovered she had forgotten her medications and they were all concerned about leaving early.
Allowing herself to relax and simply be present in a fully supportive environment, she accomplished the amazing. She was laughing, happy and even went out on our paddleboat. Her skin color changed and the most amazing part: The day she left, when she checked her blood levels and blood pressure, she had almost normal readings! Tears of joy were in the eyes of her family and the recognition that we have the ability to heal if we offer ourselves the gift of “a moment.”

Off-grid living…beyond just a good investment for electrical power, it is an investment in your personal healing and vibrant life. Discover for yourself the healthful synergy of natural beauty joined with mindful sustainability. It is a natural step and one that is well worth taking.

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