A Thousand Word Smile

by Sri Ram Kaa & Kira Raa

Photo by Murphy Byrne - www.MurphyByrnePhotography.com (2nd place by judges vote in the Revue Photo Contest, August)

Photo by Murphy Byrne – www.MurphyByrnePhotography.com (2nd place by judges vote in the Revue Photo Contest, August)

They say a picture is worth a thousand words…but what about a smile? An authentic smile offers such a positive experience. Have you ever noticed that when a person responds to you with a sincere smile that there is an immediate sense of reassurance?

Smiles, like words can also be deceiving! We are referring to that amazing, sincere spontaneous smile that is drastically different from the manipulated marketing-type smile.

A sincere smile is universally recognized as a sign of peace and an invitation for connection.

We see more spontaneous smiles from Guatemalans than we ever saw in New York City, London or Cairo! It is a fascinating cultural fact. Guatemalans smile! Perhaps they carry less preoccupations? This is hard to know for sure, because people here struggle to earn a living just like everywhere else. However, the fact remains that Guatemalans smile more!

There is an independent organization that has created the “Happy Planet Index” which shows the extent to which 151 countries across the globe where people produce long, happy and sustainable lives. Guatemala’s “happiness index” is in the top ten worldwide! While the UK is down at 41 and the U.S. far lower. (Source: www.happyplanetindex.org)

Scientists also confirm that smiling is good for your health. When you smile, it stimulates pleasure centers. It also releases endorphins into the blood stream. Your smile sends the signal to your unconscious mind that you are safe.

Experiment with this. Hold a scowl or frown and notice your inner experience. Breathe and relax and then smile. Notice how your energy shifts. Smiling lowers your blood pressure, relaxes the flight or fight response and supports good health.

What does all this mean to you? Can happiness be measured by the number of smiles you radiate? Can you improve your overall sense of health and wellbeing by smiling more? In our life experience we believe this to be true.

Every time you consciously smile you make a choice to be at peace and send a signal to the universe that “I am content.” This signal is an energetic message that has been proven to improve health and we invite you to consider that the energy of smiles can change the outer world experience in your life.

Try radiating the energy of a sincere smile every chance you get! Make it your spiritual practice to smile more! We guarantee that not only will you feel better; your relationships will improve. This is another way we can co-create a better world and what a great place to start…right here in Guatemala.

Sri and Kira have authored several books and are the owners of TOSA La Laguna.
email: office@tosaspa.com www.LakeAtitlanSpa.com


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