A Contemporary Urban Experience in Antigua

A Contemporary Urban Experience combining theater, art and dining, comes to El Sitio in La Antigua Guatemala the weekends of Feb. 17-19 and Feb. 24-26.

A Contemporary Urban Experience

Actors Betsy Cerezo and John Edson will be performing in Bakersfield Mist

This ambitious undertaking, conceived by Gavin Kern and presented by the Antigua Theater Club and Angeline Events, pairs a performance of the comedy Bakersfield Mist with contemporary art in temporary, pop-up venues.

“I hope that this Pop-Up Contemporary Urban Experience, which occurs only on the performance days of the play, will add to the cultural life of this beautiful country,” says Kern. “Antigua is a world-class city, and deserves world-class events.”

Bakersfield Mist, a contemporary play by Stephen Sacks, is 75 provocatively hilarious minutes that look at what makes art and people authentic. Betsy Cerezo, in her theatrical debut, plays the character Maude, an unemployed bartender who lives in a trailer park.

Maude has bought the ugliest thrift store painting she could find, as a gag gift. The painting looks as if someone has stood over it and dribbled various colors of paint onto the canvas. The early 20th century American artist, Jackson Pollock, was known for his unique style of drip painting, and his works cost millions. Wait: Could this be a Jackson Pollock? Maude invites a world-class art expert, played by retired Screen Actor’s Guild member John Edson, to decide if her painting is a forgery or the real thing.

Edson, who has performed in all media, says of his role: “This is the most interesting play I’ve ever had the chance to work on. It’s relatively new and original, based on a true story. The subject is a compelling, thought-provoking examination of the nature of art and human perception, including a unique study of emotional vulnerability and the truth of human experience.”

Ticketholders will also have the opportunity to view works of cutting-edge contemporary art, including a piece by emerging Guatemalan artist Eny Roland Hernandez, in the pop-up gallery, The Artist’s Circle. Contemporary artists from Guatemala and the United States, particularly Chicago, will be featured.

A Contemporary Urban Experience

An additional modern twist to The Artist’s Circle will be the art of virtual reality and augmented reality. Alejandro Jones, virtual reality/augmented reality artist and developer, describes this feature: “All the real-life pieces in the exhibit will be digitally scanned and exhibited in a virtual gallery that will parallel the real-life exhibit, and can only be viewed through a virtual world. Virtual reality headsets will be available and be part of the exhibit.

A Contemporary Urban Experience

A Hololens exhibit will be on display

(Francisco J Ballsels, Alejandro Jones, Martin Ballsels and Alex Folds are the creative minds behind the virtual aspect of the exhibit and together they form EyeFly Productions. eyeflyapps.com)

The exhibit will also showcase various pieces that feature known landmarks of Antigua, which have been digitally scanned and processed with software and hardware that few galleries and museums in the world currently use. The exhibit hopes to introduce this technology to newcomers, and to be one of the few exhibits worldwide to showcase the future of gallery and museum technology, which will soon be commonplace.”

A Contemporary Urban Experience

3D scan of the Calle del Arco

The gallery opening, which is free of charge, will be on Wednesday, Feb. 15, from 5-7 p.m. After that time, the gallery will be open for two hours prior to each performance.

Proceeds from each ticket will benefit the scholarship fund for the Antigua International School as fifty-percent of its students receive at least some scholarship funding. AIS, a kindergarten through 12th-grade school, is recognized by the Ministry of Education in Guatemala and is internationally accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges in the United States.

A Contemporary Urban Experience

Chicken Sous Vide from Angeline


An additional pop-up food venue, helmed by restaurateur Alberto Blanco, will provide a salad, entrée and dessert lunch or dinner for both matinee and evening performances. Blanco, who is considered a rising star in the hospitality life of Guatemala, has the successful restaurant, Angeline, in La Antigua Guatemala, and is soon to open a flagship restaurant in Guatemala City. Blanco has earned a reputation for presenting traditional Guatemalan cuisine in a more contemporary format, retaining traditional flavors, but with an updated twist.






February’s Last Two Weekends
17-19 and 24-26

Fri 17 and Fri 24
Dinner at 6. Play at 8

Sat 18 and Sat 25
Matinees: Lunch at 12. Play at 2.
At Night: Dinner at 6. Play at 8.

SUN 19 and SUN 26
Matinees: Lunch at 12. Play at 2.
At Night: Dinner at 6. Play at 8.

El Sitio, 5a calle poniente #15, La Antigua

Theater and gallery tickets: Q150
Lunch or dinner: Q200
Preferential seating with dinner reservations

For tickets and reservations,
Tel: 4617-4954 or
e-mail kerncollectiveantigua@gmail.com

Tickets may also be purchased at El Sitio and at Angeline (2a calle poniente #3)
La Antigua

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