8 Breakout Beverages


  • Coconut Lemonade a blended concoction of coconut, lemonade and spices… with or without a double shot of rum. —La Peña de Sol Latino
  • Krishna Milk a blend of hot milk, honey, vanilla and a fresh banana. —Rainbow Café
  • Café Glacé a delicious combination of ice cream and expresso topped with cinnamon. —Doña Luisa Xicotencatl
  • Basilico tequila, basil, sugar, lime juice, raspberry liquor, pepper. —Bistrot Cinq
  • Frozen Carrot Juice interesting twist, and good for you. —Personajes de La Antigua
  • Michelada Gallo beer, V-8 juice, Worcestershire, lemon, Tabasco, salt and pepper. —La Canoa
  • Mezcal Infusion choose your flavor, including; rosa de jamaica, star anise, mango, lemongrass, chile… —Café No Sé
  • Licuados pineapple, melon, papaya, banana, watermelon, or strawberry; with water, milk, yogurt or soy milk. —Café Y Tu Piña También

Editors Note: Each restaurant was placed in only two categories, we would love to get feedback on your favorite dining choices: dining@revuemag.com

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