8 Bountiful Breakfast in Antigua Guatemala

Guatemalan Breakfast (photo by Rudy Giron - http://AntiguaDailyPhoto.com)

Guatemalan Breakfast (photo by Rudy Giran)

  • Bohemian Breakfast — two eggs, country potatoes and bacon scramble, served with a toasted bagel and your choice of a cigarette or a multivitamin at Bagel Barn (inside front cover)
  • Típico Panchoy — eggs ranchero, refried beans, sausage or ham, white cheese, fried plantains, cream, orange juice, bread or tortillas, coffee or tea at Café Panchoy (page 73)
  • Pancakes Andrés — two oatmeal pancakes served with a mixed fruit cup: a banana, strawberries, blackberries and thick, sweetened cream at Café Condesa (page 73)
  • El Antigüeño — tamal colorado with chicken or pork, toast and mollete dulce, includes coffee Antigüeño or chocolate at La Fonda de la Calle Real (page 81)
  • Enchilada Madre — corn tortilla with refried beans, fried eggs, bacon, ranchera sauce and sour cream, coffee or tea at Personajes de La Antigua (page 73)
  • Spring Crepe — filled with fresh fruit, yogurt, honey and granola at El Viejo Café (page 75)
  • Egg Burrito — huge portion, stuffed with eggs, rice, lettuce, tomato, onion, avocado, cheese and beans and delicious home-made pico de gallo at The Black Cat Inn (page 75)
  • Omelettes — Ham and cheese, mushrooms, bacon and onion, veggie: with bread and potatoes or black beans at Café Y Tu Piña También (page 80)

Editors Note: Each restaurant was placed in only two categories, we would love to get feedback on your favorite dining choices: dining@revuemag.com

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