10 Reasons to Visit Monterrico Guatemala

Monterrico Guatemala

There are dozens of reasons to visit Monterrico and the south coast of Guatemala. It is a spectacular, beautiful area, with a variety of recreational and wilderness options.
With tongue-in-cheek, Revue Associate Editor Matt Bokor gives us 10 of his favorite reasons to stop by.

Monterrico Guatemala

1. The sand really is black.

Monterrico Guatemala turtles2. You can take a side trip to Hawaii. *

3. The place is chill but never chilly.

4. An oceanfront hammock is way better than a regular hammock.

5. An oceanfront hangover is way better than a regular hangover.


Monterrico Guatemala turtles6. Maybe you can release sea turtle hatchlings. (See No. 2.)

7. It’s always casual day. Very. Casual.

8. Excessive partying is encouraged.

9. It’s not every day that you take a ferry to cross a river to get to a beach.

10. It only gets stressful when it’s time to leave.

* Be sure to check out the Biotopo Monterrico-Hawaii nature reserve

For some ideas of hotels in the area, go to visitmonterrico.com

Monterrico Guatemala mangroves

(photos 1, 2 and 5 by Willy Posadas

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