10 Reasons to Climb Pacaya Volcano, Guatemala

by Matt Bokor.

#1. Your friends back home think you’re crazy, this will confirm it.

10-REASONS-PACAYA_JULY_REVUE#2. Way better selfie opps than the gym.

#3. You think “scree” is a dirty word, and there’s a ton of it up there.

#4. You’ve always wanted to roast a marshmallow over a thermal vent.

#5. You packed hiking boots, you need to use them.

#6. You bought a groovy, hand-carved walking stick in Antigua. You need to use it, too.

#7. You need to burn some of the calories you piled up at the bars and restaurants during your trip.

#8. No one thinks you’ve got the stamina.

#9. You have no guilt about renting a horse and not telling anyone. (see previous)

#10. You’re looking for the experience of a lifetime, which you can also tell your Mom about.

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