César Pineda Moncrieff Artist Profile


Transitions & Explosions of Intuition a Portrait of Artist César Pineda Moncrieff “Art is a key and a way to encounter other spaces within me. Something more ancient, it is something deeply intuitive … It is a connection with myself and something beyond that”. — César Pineda Moncrieff Transition. That inevitable, beautiful, complex and perhaps trepidatious moment when we transform […]

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Slow Photography in Guatemala


The Art of Wet Plate an Interview with Jorge Luis Chavarría about slow photography. “To be an artist, you need perspective to see more, to question more, reflect more, so that you can generate more.” — Luis Chavarría Breathe. Adjust the light. A little more to the right. Yes, just so. Now, look at the camera. Freeze. Hold … hold … hold. […]

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