My Village Lancetillo: A Photo Exhibit From Its Youth

Celebrate the vision of young Guatemalans with the photographs taken during Project Einstein. For six weeks of intensive training in Zona Reyna Quiché, more than 70 young Maya-Q’eqchi’s learned photography, video, reporting and journalism to tell stories of their community. All photos were taken by the young people. Funds from the sale of the photographs will be donated to the […]

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8 Vegetarian Dishes

Hector's Quiche (photo by Rudy Giron -

Grilled Veggie Wrap veggies slightly grilled with olive oil, wrapped in a soft flour tortilla with lettuce, avocado & cheese —Las Palmas Gratin de Portobello Portobello mushrooms au gratin with Créme Royal and goat cheese, vegetables and rice —Mesón Panza Verde Vegetable Soup, Everything we found at the market except the goldfish. Served with cheese and avocado. —Café No Sé […]

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