Guatemala events

Wed. DOCUMENTARY MAXIMÓN – ¿Santo o Diablo? (Spanish, w/English subtitles) Of cultural importance, this documentary was filmed and produced entirely in Guatemala. “MAXIMÓN – ¿Santo o Diablo?” centers on the controversial Mayan deity who simultaneously personifies good and evil. Maximón, also known as San Simón, or the drinking and smoking saint of Guatemala, is a mixture of ancient Mayan beliefs and […]

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Semana Santa at Lake Atitlán, Guatemala

Guatemala holy week

Holy week at Lake Atitlán is a blending of Mayan and Christian Tradition. Living in La Antigua Guatemala affords me the opportunity of being right in the heart of one of the grandest celebrations of Lent (Cuaresma) in all of Latin America—Semana Santa! Last year, I even had the good fortune of experiencing some of the Holy Week festivities on […]

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Maximón ceremony in San Lucas Tolimán by Thor Janson

Mayan Patron Saint is an enigma text and photos by Thor Janson There is not a town or village in the entire Mayan Highlands where the presence of Maximón is not being asserted. Although the guide books for many years have only listed three Maximón shrines—San Andrés Itzapa, Zunil and Santiago Atitlán—there are literally thousands of Maximón temples and […]

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