ART: “Reflexiones en Color” by Guatemalan artist Hugo González Ayala

Guatemala art

Saturday. ART Presenting Reflexiones en Color by Guatemalan artist Hugo González Ayala. Color which he has joyously explored throughout his career is translated into the buoyant, verdant and bountiful landscape of Guatemala’s Highlands and the country’s jewel of a colonial town, La Antigua. His masterful control of painting conveys his ‘own reality’ with playful imagination through color, form and perspective. […]

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Hugo González Ayala, Grandes Ideas y Pequeños Formatos

by Linda Conard As you approach the landscapes of Hugo González Ayala, you may feel enveloped by the streets of La Antigua Guatemala or the Highland countryside, but it is more of a gentle embrace than entrapment. Hard lines in street scenes curve inward yet remain in perfect perspective, so the viewer almost feels more balanced within the painting than […]

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