Guatemalan Hospitality at its Best


Every time I visit Guatemala I rediscover the magic of its people. As I write this article, I find myself surrounded by spring-like weather and mesmerizing scenery in La Antigua Guatemala. As Lent approaches, I have been carefully observing the preparations for the big celebration, from the specially decorated floats and devoted volunteers signing up to carry them, to the […]

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Independence Day Celebrations in Guatemala


by Ken Veronda. Any good excuse is a good time for celebration, of course, but September holds a special one: Independence Day on the 15th, but the sounds, smells, tastes and sights are to be enjoyed all month. There are rich colors to see in this rainy season, with landscape lush; sweet tastes to enjoy, of fresh fruit and mellow […]

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Lent and Semana Santa

Antigua recently surpassed Seville, Spain as having the largest Easter Week celebration in the world today! In 1524 the conquerors had barely set foot in Guatemala when they introduced their traditions for Lent and Semana Santa from Seville, Spain. These have evolved over the centuries and Antigua recently surpassed Seville as having the largest celebration in the world today! Carpet […]

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