AnEcho First Anniversary Celebration

by Betsy Cerezo AnEcho is celebrating its first anniversary! La Antigua’s Educational Cultural Home Office is much more than a conventional community center. Because of Antigua’s international populous, AnEcho has been able to weave a multi-faceted program to include not just our retired and semi-retired foreign nationals, also our Antigüeño neighbors, tourists, Salvemos Antigua members, and even Guatemala City dwellers. […]

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Anecho Offices

written by Betsy Cerezo Antigua’s educational cultural home office, Anecho, is Dorotea’s brainstorming gathering place. “I wanted to create a center for a variety of cultural organizations,” Dorotea says. “It’s an experimental project for the English-speaking community. I’m committed to a one-year sponsorship.” Located in picturesque Casa Convento Concepción at the end of 4a calle oriente #41 in La Antigua […]

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