Organic Living in Guatemala

Guatemala: a diverse country that produces a wide variety of agriculture. Visitors are delighted at the taste of a “real fruit” or the sweetness of local tomatoes. At our Lake Atitlán hotel some of our guests have even accused us of putting sugar into a smoothie because the fruit is so naturally sweet. Many are now paying attention to the […]

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Ozone An Everyday Miracle

Slice of Guatemala’s rainy season. (photo: Rudy Girón)

Written by. Sri Ram Kaa & Kira Raa Guatemala and rain! Have you ever walked outside after an electrical storm and noticed how vital the air seems? This is due to the negatively charged ions and extra oxygen in the air. This “charged air” is actually more vital and healthy than regular air, mostly because it contains ozone. While air […]

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Shifting Paradigms: Water is Life!

The soul-searching opportunities of living off grid are fascinating. There are those who believe a solar panel and car battery will keep things going when the power goes out. This is naïve and a waste of money. Clarity helps you set priorities. Am I seeking help for emergencies only? Do I just need lights or do I need my refrigerator? […]

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