Gallery of Los Patojos Gigantes Project

Gallery of Los Patojos Gigantes Project by Nelo Mijangos

El Proyecto Socialeducativo y Cultural “Los Patojos” se integro a la tradición del Baile de los Gigantes con sus propios gigantes que son bailados por niños y jóvenes del proyecto. De esta forma están preservando esta tradición tan antigüeña al involucrar a todos estos pequeños patojos gigantes. Para más información y noticias de Los Patojos visitar: [Facebook] Fanpage del Proyecto […]

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III Festival Gastronómico de La Antigua Guatemala

Festival Gastronómico in Antigua Guatemala (photo by Nelo Mijangos)

El domingo 15 de julio entre las celebraciones realizadas por estar próximo el 25 de julio, día en que se celebra al patrono de la Ciudad Santiago Apóstol se llevó a cabo el 3er Festival Gastronómico de La Antigua Guatemala y sus aldeas. El festival reúne a distintos grupos de las aldeas quienes participan con todo tipo de comidas y […]

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Holy Week Procession Schedule for Antigua Guatemala

Posición/Position: 2do lugar / 2nd place Premio: Q300 Tema/theme: Semana Santa / Holy Week Título/title: Miserere nobis Lugar/place: La Antigua Guatemala Autor/author: Nery Racancoj

April 1 — Palm Sunday: Procession of Jesús Nazareno de La Merced, La Merced church. April 2 — Holy Monday: Vigil of Jesús Nazareno de La Merced, La Merced church. April 3 — Holy Tuesday: Vigil of Jesús Nazareno del Perdón, San Francisco El Grande church. April 4 — Holy Wednesday: Vigil of Señor Sepultado, Escuela de Cristo Church. 2pm […]

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YogAntigua: 108 Sun Salutations — for Education

As many people have discovered, yoga is good for the mind, body and soul. It turns out that this year it will also be good for education! On March 10 at 4:30 p.m. YogAntigua will host its third “108 Sun Salutations” event at El Cerro de La Cruz. Similar to a walkathon, participants commit to practicing up to 108 sun […]

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Traditions: Posadas and Nacimientos

The nacimiento is still the star of the show in Guatemala. What is now the most important celebration of the year came to the Americas with the Spanish Christian evangelists. The Guatemalans, already an innately spiritual people closely in tune with nature and in whom creativity thrives, had no trouble adapting to the new religious event. The timing was good. […]

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ITEMP Offers Fresh Start for Entrapped Women & Children

María, 21, mother of four, fled dire poverty to come to La Antigua Guatemala hoping for a better future. But she didn’t find the tranquil, colonial paradise that makes Antigua so appealing to travelers worldwide. Instead, she and her older daughter were forced to work long hours for the owner of the house she lived in and barely got anything […]

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Antigua International School

Director Jim Pastore

Teaching kids how to think, not what to think As the founding director of a new, international school in La Antigua Guatemala, longtime educator Jim Pastore is confident that the 21st century curriculum will launch kids on a lifetime of learning that will prepare them for the jobs of the future, those that may not even exist today. “My concern […]

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El Tesoro de El Calvario

Patrimonio de La Antigua Guatemala This book was produced in order to promote the rescue and appreciation of the Ermita de El Calvario at La Antigua Guatemala. It is dedicated to Santo Hermano Pedro who lived in the Ermita and was canonized in July 2002. Spanish language, 156 pages, color plus black and white photographs, fully indexed; cover water color […]

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