Sonsonate – From the land of coconuts to the coffee kingdom

El Salvador is set to impress the world again with its seventh annual “Cup of Excellence” program, thanks to an exquisite selection of 33 coffees that obtained this award after a long screening process through cupping sessions.

The maximum award this year was engaged by a farm grown with Pacamara variety, an exotic coffee varietal from El Salvador. Nicknamed “El Topacio,” the farm is nestled in the outskirts of Juayúa, in the department of Sonsonate. It received an average score of 91.68 out of 100. Sonsonate is famous for being “the land of coconuts,” while Juayúa is recognized as a traditional coffee town with a great culinary touch, thanks to its famous weekend festival. It’s the first time since the program, which began in 2003, that Sonsonate and Juayúa earned the top honors.

The international panel of cuppers that selected these wonderful coffees included representatives of roasters and importers from all around the world, including United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Norway, Japan, Guatemala, Czech Republic, Lithuania and El Salvador. The lots will be auctioned in an electronic platform through Internet on June 4.

This event demonstrated once again that the increasing quality that El Salvador producers and cooperatives are achieving is due to hard work and passion, and Café de El Salvador is quickly becoming a major player in the most refined markets.

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