10 NGO’s Dealt a Winning Hand at Vegas in Antigua

Vegas in Antigua, Funderaiser (photo by Gene Budinger & Elizabeth Hart)

Vegas in Antigua, Funderaiser (photo by Gene Budinger & Elizabeth Hart)

Written by Jennifer Holden

The inaugural Vegas in Antigua fund-raiser was a sure bet for 10 non-governmental organizations that provide an array of services throughout Guatemala.

Held last month at the Casa Convento Conception in La Antigua Guatemala, the event combined games of chance and intrigue for an exciting afternoon of fun and fancy. From one-of-a-kind original artwork, hotel stays, to private salsa lessons and much more, the elegant silent auction held something for every taste and budget.

The bidding was generous as the not-so-silent Judy Sadlier announced the grand prizes that were awarded to the lucky players with the most chips at day’s end.

Proceeds will directly benefit the good works of WINGS, Open Windows, Animal AWARE, Duane Carter Foundation/Library, Faith in Practice, Common Hope, Safe Passage, Fotokids, Casa Sito and The Riecken Foundation. All were all on “deck” to share information about their organizations, and how they are making a difference in the lives of the children, families and animals they serve. 

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