TOUR 3 Day Cultural Immersion


The Giant Kites of Sumpango (Los Barriletes Gigantes) Special 3 Day Cultural Immersion Tour Oct. 31 – Nov. 2 2015. With Master Barriletero Julio Asturius and Louise Wisechild $325 All inclusive Join us for an uncommon opportunity to explore the Giant Kites and to learn about the unique Kaqchikel Maya traditions for dia de los muertos, the Day of the […]

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The Magnificent and Fragile Giant Kites of Sumpango

Text/photos by Louise Wisechild

Kites of November Written by. Louise Wisechild On Nov. 1, visitors travel to Sumpango and Santiago, Sacatépequez, to stand in awe of los barilletes gigantes, the giant kites made specifically for the Day of the Dead in these two Kaqchikel Mayan villages. As large as 20 meters, the size of a six-story building, the kites are decorated in figures, landscapes […]

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