10 REASONS to hit the streets for Christmas fireworks in Guatemala


1. Fireworks are dangerous, that’s why it’s fun. 2. They don’t do this stuff at home. 3. Instead of Christmas in July, it’s like the 4th of July on Christmas 4. It’s been awhile since you inhaled gunpowder fumes. 5. You want to test the earplugs the airline gave you. 6. You’ll dance some crazy new steps while dodging live […]

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You discovered how Guatemalans enjoy pyrotechnics the first morning you awoke before dawn to strings of pops and loud booms. Nothing serious happening, just friends celebrating a birthday or anniversary. That evening you may see fireworks from next door or across town, from a fiesta, concert, or just having fun. Fireworks are for any old day, not just for independence. […]

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