BALLET The Magic of Dance 2015


28 Wed. 7:30pm — BALLET The Magic of Dance 2015, an extraordinary evening of ballet under the direction of the Dance Studio Lissetth A. Stöckli  and participating guest choreographers Juan Dominguez (U.S.) Cecilia Stöckli (Switzerland) and Patricia Viera ( Mexico). Additional info., tels: 4142-3017 & 4192-4749. Teatro de Cámara Hugo Carrillo, Centro Cultural Miguel Ángel Asturias, 24 calle 3-81, z. […]

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Bette van Lunteren

Bette van Lunteren (photo: Jack Houston)

Ballerina Bette van Lunteren danced her way from her home in Holland to the heart of La Antigua Guatemala. She graduated from the Theater Dance Department of the School of Arts in Amsterdam and taught Dutch school children for six years. Her program was one of interactive expression on a one-day theme, group by group, eventually laced together into a […]

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