INTERVIEW Michelle B. Sultan, La Botica Verde

INTERVIEW Michelle B. Sultan La Botica Verde

Michelle B. Sultan – La Botica Verde On a characteristically sunny day in La Antigua Guatemala I sat down with Michelle B. Sultan, the founder of La Botica Verde to discuss her plans for the company. As we sat at her office in Panorama sipping some delicious organic coffee, I could feel her excitement and energy – and caffeine was […]

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Eating Healthier to Prevent a 21st Century Epidemic – Amalia’s Kitchen

Eating healthy to prevent A 21st Century Epidemic

Type 2 diabetes is a 21st century epidemic – the one that can be prevented through healthy eating education. Growing up in Guatemala taught me good eating habits for life. After all, fruits and vegetables, plentiful and wide-ranging, grow naturally in fertile soil under the Guatemalan sun. Home- cooked meals are inherently balanced, containing plenty of locally grown crops. Having […]

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