“Music in Guatemala” REVUE Photo Contest September 2022

REVUE Photo Contest September

We invite you to participate in our monthly PHOTO CONTEST for September 2022 with the theme “Music in Guatemala” Please send ONE (1) HIGH RESOLUTION photo with caption/location and your name & website for the credit line to: photos@revuemag.com Submissions entered by the 15th of August, 2022 will be eligible. Contest will take place on the Revue FB page ¡Prizes are Back in both […]

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Thor Janson

Wildlife conservationist, photographer, author, adventurer, environmentalist and educator The volcano Pacaya in Guatemala began erupting more dramatically than usual one day several years ago, and nature photographer Thor Janson rushed to the slopes to take pictures for his files. “By 4 o’clock Pacaya was spewing molten lava several hundred meters into the air every 30 to 45 seconds,” Thor recalls. […]

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