“A Salto de Mata” by Juan Francisco Yoc

December 5, 2019 @ 9:00 am – December 24, 2019 @ 7:00 pm
La Antigua Galeria de Arte
5a Avenida Norte # 29
La Antigua Galería de Arte presents the ongoing exhibit “A Salto de Mata” by established Guatemalan artist Juan Francisco Yoc. 

“The internal world of Juan Francisco Yoc (Guatemala, 1960), complex, alive, tense and tangled, is conveyed through lucid, impatient and visceral lines that cross his conscience, his drives and his nibs and electrify papers, fabrics and consciences with grotesque images, that are challenging and disturbing,
Thus, it is not only the ability with which he handles the line and distorts the anatomy and human figure but also the courage and sincerity with which he projects his inner life. Sincerity of a human being that resents the infinite pressures of the outside world and admitting, not without some resistance from his own being, his desires and his helplessness, his fears and his anguish to other human beings, or rather that he exposes them in drawings that are always shocking, but that are aggressive only for what they need to recognize.
That internal world of Juan Francisco Yoc formed slowly in Guatemala, in the heat of family, social, ethnic, cultural, ideological frictions that marked his childhood and youth in the framework of the internal war. It began to flow in his drawings from his studies at the National School of Fine Arts in the early 80s, barely distorting academic balance, and reached its thematic, expressive and conceptual coherence in the hard battles and experiences to be shown in exhibitions in various local galleries.
Then, from 1991, in Madrid, Spain, that inner world and its burden of conflicts intensively exercised various drawing and painting techniques that allowed it to manifest itself not only with greater fluidity but also with greater awareness of its content and its formal orientations and, consequently, with greater finesse and diversity in the management of the expressive resources of his artistic language.
Certainly, it is contradictory to verify a refinement in the conceptual, formal, graphic and pictorial thread that informs what we could call his work of maturity, a maturity that in his case means the acceptance of his disagreement and not the renunciation of his rebellion.” Juan B. Juárez
Visiting hours:
every day from 9am to 7pm
5ª. Avenida Norte #29, La Antigua Guatemala, by the arch
The exhibit will be open until December 23rd, 2019

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