REVUE Magazine September 2019


CLICK HERE FOR THE SEPTEMBER ISSUE OF REVUE MAGAZINE On Sept. 14 runners from across the country ready themselves for the passing of the torch known as the Antorcha de la Independencia. This year Hada Cruz calls attention to another traditional Antorcha event, Ir a Traer la Antorcha. She also spotlights Sept. 15 Independence Day events and activities. The celebrations […]

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Revue Magazine August 2019


CLICK HERE FOR THE AUGUST 2019 ISSUE OF REVUE It’s with great pleasure to share the entries from the August 2019 Revue photo contest Artisans & Handicrafts of Guatemala. And as always, a big thank you to all the photographers who participated. The prize for 1st Place by Popular Vote is Q400. Second place in both categories is Q100, and […]

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Revue Magazine July 2019


CLICK HERE TO READ THE JULY 2019 ISSUE OF REVUE This edition marks the 1-year anniversary of the Revue e-zine (electronic magazine). Though we still receive comments from readers about missing the monthly print editions, most everyone agrees that decreasing circulation to cut costs for advertisers would definitely not have been a good thing — for them and for us. […]

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Revue Magazine May 2019


CLICK HERE TO READ THE MAY 2019 ISSUE OF REVUE With over 8,000 plant species identified in Guatemala, you’re going to see a few flowers around the country. This month our photo contest theme is “Flowers of Guatemala” and as you flip through the photographs on these pages, you will see a great cross-section of representatives. A special thanks to […]

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Revue Magazine April 2019


CLICK HERE TO READ THE APRIL 2019 ISSUE OF REVUE We’re hoping that April brings spring showers but please not during Semana Santa. This year the Revue Semana Santa edition includes Women Hermandades, the sisterhood from Escuela de Cristo by Hada Cruz. As well, there are six procession maps we hope you find useful plus fabulous photos of past processions […]

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REVUE Magazine December 2018


CLICK HERE TO READ THE DECEMBER ISSUE OF REVUE As the year comes to a close, we reflect upon what has occurred. As the new year approaches we imagine what will be. Our December issue does both. In hopes of putting a smile on your face we’ve highlighted some great photographs from our Photo Contest Smiles of Guatemala. On the […]

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REVUE Magazine September 2018


CLICK HERE TO READ the September issue of Revue. We have had several Revue readers ask us, “Now that Revue is digital, has your work load gotten easier?” The short answer (without complaint) is, “No.” After 26 years we continue to carry out our original mission statement of promoting the best of Guatemala. We are still publishing informative and entertaining […]

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REVUE Launch of Digital Interactive Ezine

Revue interactive

CLICK HERE TO GET STARTED For a multitude of reasons, we made the decision to transition Revue magazine from print to digital, known as an Ezine (electronic magazine). Our gratitude to Print Studio for their many years of amazing quality and service. We’ve been publishing Revue since March, 1992. Over these 26+ years hitting every print deadline, intensive distribution and […]

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