Ozone An Everyday Miracle

Slice of Guatemala’s rainy season. (photo: Rudy Girón)

Written by. Sri Ram Kaa & Kira Raa Guatemala and rain! Have you ever walked outside after an electrical storm and noticed how vital the air seems? This is due to the negatively charged ions and extra oxygen in the air. This “charged air” is actually more vital and healthy than regular air, mostly because it contains ozone. While air […]

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Lightning storm approaches Antigua from the west (photo: Guido Lucci)

INVIERNO, winter, is here. It’s the rainy season, and all our senses know it, even though most days still have lots of sunshine in the Guatemalan Highlands around La Antigua Guatemala, and temperatures continue to be mild. Drizzles, showers, deluges, each day’s touch of rain is different, something for all five senses. The colors of our rain shade from light […]

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When the Rains Come

Contemplating the rain by Rudy Girón

Now is the May month, the solstice of the seasons you might say. Flukes of hesitant rain tickle the dust laid these six months before, grain upon powdered grain. The ignorant drips have no certainty of what might follow. In the afternoon sunlight Hunahpú assumes its dark cap, an inverted saucer of cloud that displaced the golden clouds that surround […]

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