Benefit Event to support Lead-Up International

Guatemala Lead Up

Saturday. Benefit Event to support Lead-Up International in its quest to prevent violence by creating peaceful leaders through workshops with horses. Join us for an evening of fun, delicious food, music, raffle, and auction. Donation Q450 to benefit Lead-Up. Location Finca La Azotea, Jocotenango. Lead-Up’s goal is to reduce violence by creating peaceful leaders through workshops with horses. The participants […]

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ART EXPOSITION: Galería El Attico — 28 Year Anniversary

Guatemala events

Thur. Inauguration cocktail: April 7, 7pm-9pm The exposition will be open until Saturday, April 30, 2016 Galería El Attico — 4a avenida 15-45, zona 14 Cósmico Trópico Chrispapita (Salon Principal) and Homenaje Melero – Monsanto – Melero (Guillermo Monsanto y Franja Melero) (Salón del Coleccionista) Siempre me he sentido más artista escénico que visual. Ello a pesar que mi primera […]

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Guatemala events

Wed. DOCUMENTARY MAXIMÓN – ¿Santo o Diablo? (Spanish, w/English subtitles) Of cultural importance, this documentary was filmed and produced entirely in Guatemala. “MAXIMÓN – ¿Santo o Diablo?” centers on the controversial Mayan deity who simultaneously personifies good and evil. Maximón, also known as San Simón, or the drinking and smoking saint of Guatemala, is a mixture of ancient Mayan beliefs and […]

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SLIDE SHOW Antigua: Behind the Walls with Elizabeth Bell

Guatemala events

Wed. (English) SLIDE SHOW Antigua: Behind the Walls with Elizabeth Bell. Enjoy a one-hour presentation with vintage and contemporary photographs collected over the past 40 years, accompanied by Elizabeth Bell’s expert narration. Q50 per person. Questions encouraged. Autographed books available. Hotel Sor Juana, 4a calle oriente #45, La Antigua

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Traje Tradition Meets Trade in Guatemala

Guatemala traje

Herlinda can’t remember a time when her family wasn’t wearing traje. Traje, the traditional clothing worn by many indigenous Guatemalans, is a cultural cornerstone. Its brightly colored hues and intricately woven thread are commonplace in many areas of Guatemala, especially in the rural highlands around Lake Atitlán. While traje’s gorgeous colors and craftsmanship help it stand out in a crowd, […]

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Early Religious Sculptures in Guatemala

Guatemala sculpture

Religious sculptures are a focal point for prayer and meditation. It is believed that when prayed to with the utmost religious fervor, the figure, or its essence, grants the believer a favor, request, or a miracle. Guatemala created its own extremely expressive style through talented Guatemalan-born artists resulting in the finest Spanish-American sculpture, particularly between 1650 and 1773. These works […]

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TALK: Mujeres Artesanas de Paz EducArte

Guatemala events

Tuesday. (English) TALK Mujeres Artesanas de Paz EducArte (MAP-ED) is a local nonprofit organization that works for fair and equal rights (women, children & teens) through education and health services. It manages and develops programs incl. providing children and teens education, age-appropriate comprehensive sexual health education, promoting the arts as a means of self-expression and awareness campaigns to prevent violence […]

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U.N. awards grant to Women’s Justice Initiative


The Women’s Justice Initiative (WJI), which empowers Guatemalan women to address inequality and gender violence, has won a highly competitive grant from the United Nations Trust Fund to End Violence Against Women. “The award will support WJI’s work to ensure Maya women and girls are able to exercise their rights to live free from violence and have increased access to […]

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The Dragons of Ixlu: Dragonfly Watching in Guatemala


Dragonfly watchers are known to insiders as “Oding” enthusiasts. No other insect is as agile and quick as are these miniature helicopters. They can fly in six different directions. One scientist clocked a particular type of dragonfly flying at 90 kilometers per hour, making them the fastest of all insects! And just as is the case with bird watching, you […]

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Antigua’s First Interactive Procession Maps

Semana Santa Guatemala

Stay current with the when-and-where during Semana Santa. The major Antigua procession routes of 2016 are available at this link (click here). Use the check boxes on the map menu for which procession you would like to follow. Currently available, the processions of: Jesús Nazareno del Perdón y Santísima Virgen de Dolores. San Francisco Church Grande. Holy Thursday / Jueves […]

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10-Hour Life Cycle of a Semana Santa Alfombra (Holy Week Carpet)

Guatemala Holy Week Carpet

During the Holy Week alfombras (carpets) are created on the streets of the procession routes. It is a long-standing tradition and the variety and artistic beauty must be seen to be truly appreciated. This series by photographer Katrin Neuhaus shows, from beginning to end, the approximately 10-hour life cycle of one of these creations of devotion. See the entire slide […]

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AMALIA’S KITCHEN: Lent — Smørrebrød


Lenten season is also an opportunity to explore foods outside the normal realm of traditional choices. Cooking or eating out during season of Lent does not have to be difficult, it just takes a bit of awareness and creativity. Every year many Christians observe special diets during 40 days. As I listened to the priest’s sermon one recent morning at […]

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Winners of the Revue Photo Contest, April 2016: Having Fun in Guatemala


Winners by Popular Vote Winners by Editorial Decision A big thanks to all the participating photographers. The winners and a number of honorable mentions will be published in the April, 2016 issue of Revue. You can see all of the submissions of the April Photo Contest here — and for next month… stay tuned

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Semana Santa at Lake Atitlán, Guatemala

Guatemala holy week

Holy week at Lake Atitlán is a blending of Mayan and Christian Tradition. Living in La Antigua Guatemala affords me the opportunity of being right in the heart of one of the grandest celebrations of Lent (Cuaresma) in all of Latin America—Semana Santa! Last year, I even had the good fortune of experiencing some of the Holy Week festivities on […]

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LIFESTYLE: At the Heart of Ritual—Christina Kerndal

Guatemala style

With a special collection of antique Indian furnishings and architectural accessories, the decor boutique Ritual works with clients locally and internationally to find the perfect piece of history to complement their design project. It could be a gate from a palace in the desert, a stone portal from a village on the spice route, or a ceremonial necklace from the […]

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ART: “Reflexiones en Color” by Guatemalan artist Hugo González Ayala

Guatemala art

Saturday. ART Presenting Reflexiones en Color by Guatemalan artist Hugo González Ayala. Color which he has joyously explored throughout his career is translated into the buoyant, verdant and bountiful landscape of Guatemala’s Highlands and the country’s jewel of a colonial town, La Antigua. His masterful control of painting conveys his ‘own reality’ with playful imagination through color, form and perspective. […]

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BOOK ALERT: Incidents in the Life of a Maya Archaeologist

Guatemala book

As told to Winifred Veronda. Ed Shook approaches the reader of Incidents in the Life of a Maya Archaeologist “with outstretched arms and a toothy grin” and welcomes the unsuspecting into a life that, as he tells Winifred Veronda, didn’t progress from point A to point B but zigzagged from a night school engineering class to six decades as a […]

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Fuego Volcano: What’s going on?

Fuego Volcano Guatemala

“The reason why the February eruptions seemed stronger was basically wind direction blowing from west to northeast,” says volcanologist Gustavo Chigna at INSIVUMEH. “Each volcano is an independent machine—nay, each vent and monticule is for the time being engaged in its own peculiar business, cooking as it were its special dish, which in due time is to be separately served.” This […]

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SUPER TUESDAY March 1, 8:30am-6pm Democrats Abroad 2016 Global Primary In-Person Voting. Members unable to vote in person on March 1st may request a remote ballot to vote by mail, fax or email from Deadline: February 15, 2016. Democrats Abroad Guatemala is the official overseas arm of the USA Democratic Party in Guatemala. Café Condesa, Central Park, La Antigua

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