Swirls Of Colors in Guatemala


Sensuous Guatemala by Ken Veronda. During election time in Guatemala political parties display their colors and logos big and small, with supporters dressed in party T-shirts (playeras), waving posters and signs with party designs. Red, white, blue and green compete in this month’s run-offs after 15 other presidential candidates and scores of local office-seekers were eliminated, but their logos and […]

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U.S. Foreign Residents with Businesses Abroad


U.S. Tax considerations. The Tax Corner by John Ohe (IRS Enrolled Agent). United States expats are subject to U.S. income taxes regardless of where they live and where they make their income. For those that have their own business, there are special requirements and issues to consider when it comes to tax planning and tax return preparation. In this article, […]

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New Book: Mayan Whitewater Guatemala


BOOK ALERT by Matt Bokor. “Mayan Whitewater Guatemala” by Greg Schwendinger. When it comes to watersports down Guatemala’s scenic rivers, the just-published book, “Mayan Whitewater Guatemala,” is the ultimate guide. Written by Greg Schwendinger, a computer engineer from California turned kayak explorer, the 349-page book details more than 150 rivers or sections of rivers throughout Guatemala and gauges their suitability […]

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EDUCATION Antigua International School


Challenging students to cultivate a love of learning. Schools serve as model homes, as a place where learning and community coexist, a place where children strive for academic success while developing their personal growth in a supportive environment. How does the Antigua International School offer a quality education that encourages students to push past boundaries, to think outside of the […]

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4 Sun. — BLESSING OF THE ANIMALS. Animals are brought to Catholic churches to receive a blessing on St Francis’ feast day because of his love for animals as expressed in his “Canticle of Creatures.” This day is an opportunity to teach children about endangered, abused and homeless animals and what can be done to help them. This feast coincides […]

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Live Music at Lake Atitlán


Live Music. Saturday, Oct. 3 at 7:00pm Join us in San Marcos la Laguna to hear original music written and sung by Guatemalan artist Roberto Melgar. His current project, Nauvidatha, is the continuing journey of his life’s expression exploring truth, love, freedom & music. Conceptualized through the story of passengers in a boat, sailing the ocean of knowledge, the lyrics and […]

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3 Sat. 8-9:30am — (Spanish) CONFERENCE Nuevos descubrimientos científicos ayudan a solucionar los problemas de aprendizaje de niños y adultos (plus additional conferences throughout the month). Contact Centro de Desarrollo Cognitivo Mind Gym (tel. 7832-3372), 4a av. sur prolongación #2, La Antigua

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FILM Ixcanul


1 Thurs., through Tues. 13, 6pm — FILM Ixcanul, Q35. (Tuesday 6 & 13, free screening ONLY for schools in collaboration with Cooperacíon Española.) Centro de Formación de la Cooperación Española, 6a av. norte between 3a & 4a calle, La Antigua. See Revue article on the film Ixcanul here.

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Ixcanul Volcano


FILM RELEASE by Matt Bokor. This film has already made history by becoming Guatemala’s first Academy Award submission (foreign language category). Guatemala’s Pacaya volcano attracts a steady stream of adventure seekers eager to climb its slopes, but the smoke-belching mountain plays a new role as the backdrop for the new, critically acclaimed film “Ixcanul Volcano.” The winner of prestigious film […]

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Guatemala to Host Riverboarding World Championship


Oct. 16, 17 and 18, 2015. The Riverboarding World Championship comes to Guatemala this month, taking place on the Río Lanquín and Río Cahabón near Lanquín, Alta Verapaz. Lanquín is well known for the nearby Semuc Champey formation of turquoise pools and limestone bridges, but it is also highly regarded for good whitewater by those have explored the area by […]

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