Equilibrio – Destination El Salvador


Feb. 18-22  Tickets $120-$170 More info: futureclearproductions.com/eq2016 La Tortuga Verde, El Cuco, El Salvador Festival season in Central America has officially started with the arrival of thousands of southbound winter travelers. Arriving from Europe, Canada and the U.S., many of the visitors will be stopping at Envision, a 5,000-person, four-day fest in Costa Rica in March. Although many other festivals […]

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Termales De Santa Teresa

text/photos by Lena Johannessen

EL SALVADOR GETAWAY Just minutes from Ahuachapan in western El Salvador, right across the border from Guatemala, lie the amazing thermal waters and spa of Santa Teresa. Named after the farm of the same name, the hotel and soon-to-be restaurant are clustered around a series of thermal pools with temperatures ranging from lukewarm to tingling hot. Several cabins are located […]

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Playa El Tunco

written by Roxana Revolone photos: Lena Johannessen No longer in the shadow of its more-famous neighbors Honduras, Guatemala and Nicaragua, El Salvador is now positioning itself on the tourist map as a more-than-attractive destination. The internationally recognized Lonely Planet list of “10 Best Tourist Destinations in the Word of 2010” includes, for the first time, this tiny Central American country […]

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Coffee and Climate Change

Climatic variability is the main factor responsible for the varied and often-frustrating coffee yields around the world. Temperature and rainfall are considered the most important weather factors affecting the harvest. Generally speaking, a great degree of uncertainty still exists regarding how each producing region will be affected, and how it will impact overall coffee worldwide. However, experts expect some changes […]

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This year’s El Salvador Cup of Excellence auction broke price records

This year’s El Salvador Cup of Excellence auction broke price records — and touched hearts with a humanitarian gesture. The auction, which took place last month, ended with the surprising announcement that the buyers from one of the 33 winning lots were donating the projected profits to Ricardo Espitia, Executive Director of the Salvadoran Coffee Council who had suffered a […]

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Banking The Unbanked

18-year-old Reidi Ventura tends seedlings in her own greenhouse

La Fida finds ways to spread and trickle down wealth to rural El Salvador El Salvador is enjoying more economic growth than any other Central American state, according to World Bank indicators. Nevertheless, rapid growth typically increases the disparity in income distribution, particularly in a country still dressing its wounds from the 13-year civil conflict that ended in 1992. But […]

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Sonsonate – From the land of coconuts to the coffee kingdom

El Salvador is set to impress the world again with its seventh annual “Cup of Excellence” program, thanks to an exquisite selection of 33 coffees that obtained this award after a long screening process through cupping sessions. The maximum award this year was engaged by a farm grown with Pacamara variety, an exotic coffee varietal from El Salvador. Nicknamed “El […]

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Coffee, a perfect way to enhance your business experience

Coffee can be, in many ways, an integral part of a customer’s experience at your restaurant. Burt Lancaster, the famous actor, once said: “I judge a restaurant by the bread and by the coffee.” His quote couldn’t be truer, and here’s why. Imagine guests arriving for a highly anticipated meal, which required a lot of preparation and effort. Everything goes […]

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Coffee: The Joy of the Harvest

In El Salvador, every year starts with fireworks, traditional meals and family gatherings. But also with the hope and joy of coffee harvesting, which is still going on, especially in the highlands. Coffee trees become bright and red, and between shade trees, sunlight gleams over the hopeful faces of producers and pickers. They’ve already begun this phenomenal task: to select […]

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