Río Dulce Arts Festival – July 7, 2012

Río Dulce Arts Festival - July 7, 2012

A festival of arts, culture, ecology and technology will be exhibited in one day of celebration. At the landmark location of Nana Juana Hotel/Marina, the people of the Izabal region will come together to share the wonders of their cultures for the world to see and enjoy. Activities for adults and children alike, there will be something for all to […]

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Community theater at Santa María de Jesús

We believe that theater is a path which opens us to reflection of one of the issues we consider most important: the origin of the communities and the people living on them. In other words, assume the identity from all its wealth, recognizing the value of the different cultures that make it up. The program goal is to give the […]

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70 plus 30 Years of Mayan Culture

Photographs by Jeffrey Jay Foxx

written by J. Claire Odland Curating a double show like this is a double joy: Here are glimpses of two great, archival collections on view through April in the Gallery at Indigo Artes. This show, 70 plus 30 Years of Mayan Culture, represents selections from 70 years of Mayan textiles and 30 years of Mayan photographs from the hands of […]

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AnEcho First Anniversary Celebration

by Betsy Cerezo AnEcho is celebrating its first anniversary! La Antigua’s Educational Cultural Home Office is much more than a conventional community center. Because of Antigua’s international populous, AnEcho has been able to weave a multi-faceted program to include not just our retired and semi-retired foreign nationals, also our Antigüeño neighbors, tourists, Salvemos Antigua members, and even Guatemala City dwellers. […]

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Joy to the World

Roman Rudnytsky

An evening of piano music with Roman Rudnytsky Tuesday, December 8, 7:00 p.m. Teatro Dick Smith, IGA, ruta 1, 4-05, zone 4, Guatemala City Sponsored by the U.S. Embassy Admission free Roman Rudnytsky is an American concert pianist of Ukrainian background and a graduate of the world-renowned Juilliard School for music, dance, and drama, in New York. As of 2009, […]

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Musical Ambassadors

The Notre Dame Symphony Orchestra

by Jack and Joy Houston Dubbed ‘Musical Ambassadors’, 55 members of the all-male University of Notre Dame Glee Club of Indiana will sing again in Guatemala, in joint concert with 25 members of the co-ed Notre Dame Symphony Orchestra. Concerts will be at 7 p.m. Saturday, May 30, at Iglesia San Francisco El Grande in La Antigua, and 7 p.m. […]

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Ursula Baumann

Art Exhibit and Auction, Thurs., May 14, 7 pm. Theatre El Chapiteau, Panajachel, Lake Atitlán A host of Guatemalans, including four-footed ones, are glad that Ursula Baumann changed continents and careers in 1998. She had been an able but often bored hotel manager in her native Switzerland. For decades she dreamt of making her avocation, painting, into a career. After […]

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La Gente Kuna

Sovereign Indigenous of Coastal Panamá Reception, slideshow, lecture Saturday, May 23, 7pm
El Sitio Cultural Center, La Antigua. The Kuna people of the Caribbean coast of Panama have one of the greatest degrees of political autonomy of any indigenous group in Latin America. Their success results from their remarkable tenacity and zealous efforts to preserve a traditional way of life. An […]

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The Festival of Consciousness 2009

Written by María Elisa Murray Presenting new solutions for a better world What does it mean to be conscious? How conscious are we in our lives? How can we become more conscious as individuals, as a community, as a planet? To answer these questions and more, the inaugural Festival of Consciousness will be held in San Marcos La Laguna on […]

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