Maya dance drama, the Rabinal Achí

Maya dance

The ancient Maya dance drama, the Rabinal Achí, is one of the best examples of surviving pre Columbian culture in Mesoamerica. Place of the Lord’s Daughter  It was a beautiful Sunday morning in late January when I set out from Guatemala City with an adventurous group of friends for the remote Mayan town of Rabinal in Baja Verapaz. One of […]

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DANCE Nuevo Amanecer

Guatemala events

Tues. DANCE Nuevo Amanecer dedicated to helping more than 30 indigenous children in San Andrés Itzapa. Its vision is to facilitate self-sufficiency and empowerment through education. It also seeks to preserve and strengthen the cultural identity of the indigenous Maya people through language & dance. Suggested donation Q25, all which goes directly to the NGO. Info. & reserv., tel: 7832-1919. […]

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