Life after Fuego Volcano Eruption in Guatemala

fuego guatemala

From the roof of the house where I am staying I can see two volcanoes — Agua and Fuego (side by side with the inert volcano Acatenango). They are the giants that dominate the local landscape, and often seen in picture-perfect postcard images, especially the dormant Agua, located approximately 3 to 6 miles from the city of La Antigua Guatemala. On June […]

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The Good Hotel Antigua

good hotel antigua

The Good Hotel Antigua demonstrates how premium hospitality and doing good for the local community can go together.   I am so excited to tell this success story. In 2012 when I first heard about it, Good Hotel Antigua was of those utopian dreams that sounded both totally exciting and practically impossible with its ambitious goals. In September 2016 this […]

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ALDEA Celebrates 50 Years


For 50 years, ALDEA has partnered with indigenous Guatemalans to strengthen communities and enhance the health and well-being of families. This year we are celebrating the profound and lasting legacy in Guatemala of Dr. Carroll Behrhorst, a U.S. doctor from Kansas, affectionately called “Doc” by those who knew him. —Sue Patterson Celebrating 50 Years of Dr. Carroll Behrhorst’s Legacy in […]

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BOOK ALERT: “Doing Good… Says Who?


Authors Connie Newton and Fran Early. Angélica, a Mayan village widow with five young children, earns a living by making dolls from discarded textiles stuffed with straw and cornhusks. Facial features embroidered with brightly colored thread give the dolls personality and makes them popular at the market. Recently, though, the cost of medicine for a child with an infection has […]

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Coffee Brews an Education in Guatemala

Every Kcup is weighed before being packed into the box

ARIMA – Community Service. Mission statement: Arima delivers limited editions of extraordinary, specialty grade coffee. We believe in openness and honesty to create a premium and socially responsible coffee brand. Arima always and only works the best single-origin 100 percent arabica strictly hard beans (SHB). We visit every coffee estate to ensure quality and establish a long-term relationship with producers. […]

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It Does Take a Village

Project manager greeting workers at site of water distribution tank.

Building a community at the grassroots level.  text / photos by Kerstin Sabene.  Implementing change, even when it’s meant to reduce health and social disparity, can be challenging. No one understands this better than Ignacio Ochoa, director of the Nahual Foundation, a think tank by and for indigenous people of the Americas, based in La Antigua Guatemala. Ochoa, who has […]

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Women’s Initiative for Justice


COMMUNITY SERVICE by Matt Bokor. Thanks to the Women’s Justice Initiative (WJI), hundreds of rural, indigenous women in Guatemala are learning that they too have rights. Elena, for example, is now one of only a few women in her community who has legal title to her land. Magda, who married at age 15 to escape abuse by both parents, is a […]

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Clowns “Invade” Local AIDS Orphanage

Community Service. text/photo by Benjamin Reeves. Doctor Hunter Dogherty “Patch” Adams in the house There are few phrases more depressing to hear than, “AIDS orphanage.” Yet the Hospicio de San José in Santa Lucía Milpas Altas is anything but a place of sadness, although it is the home for many acutely ill children and adults. The hospicio was established in […]

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Dozens attend fundraiser for Niños de Guatemala

Niños de Guatemala

Dozens of patrons enjoyed cocktails and appetizers Saturday evening, July 16, at a fundraiser for Niños de Guatemala (NDG), an NGO that operates a school for poor children in Ciudad Vieja, among other education-related services. Guests met with blue-shirted staff and volunteers and viewed a series of photographs depicting children and teachers at NDG’s school, Nuestro Futuro, which offers quality […]

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God’s Child Project

Volunteer Melanie H. with a child recovering from malnutrition. (photo: Ray Conway)

20 years of improving lives by Hannah Wallace Bowman Malnourished kids are among the many who benefit Guatemala has one of the highest rates of malnutrition in Latin America, with 45 percent of children under the age of 5 suffering from this chronic and life-threatening illness. When Jose Alberto arrived at Casa Jackson, an emergency recovery center for infants suffering […]

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Make Your World A Home

Habitat for Humanity conference in honor of Guatemala success by Anna-Claire Bevan It’s not often that Guatemala is described as a global leader, but in the world of Habitat for Humanity, that’s exactly how it’s known. The NGO´s international president Ken Klein recently visited the country to celebrate the success of Habitat Guatemala and learn from its effective disaster-response program. […]

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Peace Corps volunteers honored at 50th anniversary celebration

50 new Peace Corps volunteers were sworn in as part of the anniversary celebration

Finishing two years as a Peace Corps volunteer in Totonicopán, Samra Brouk summarized her experience in three words: “challenging, surprising, satisfying.” “It was probably the two hardest years of my life but at no point did I think there was anyplace else I should be,” said Brouk, 24, a native of Rochester, N.Y., who plans to go to law school […]

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The American Society of Guatemala

written by Ralph Anske The American Society of Guatemala (ASG) was founded on June 14, 1960 by a group of American citizens residing in Guatemala. The society was created to provide a focal point to strengthen community ties and provide an institution to represent the interests of its members. It helps them contribute in situations where citizens of the United […]

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The Guardians of Las Gravileas

A project where women serve their sisters The center’s name is symbolic. In a country where coffee represents approximately 10 percent of the gross domestic income, the gravilea tree provides a critical, protective canopy for the shade-loving plant. Just as the gravilea tree provides this fundamental necessity for the cultivation of coffee, so, too, is Las Gravileas meant to offer […]

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