12 Thurs., 4pm. AVOCADO FESTIVAL: Enjoy the distinctive taste of avocados as the main ingredient in 12 recipes prepared by students from the Universidad Francisco Marroquín School of Gastronomy, vote for your favorite! also, ART Watercolors by Irma de Luján depicting avocados discovered by Wilson Popenoe during his explorations (1916 to 1920).  Q30. Casa Popenoe (main garden) 1a av. sur #2, […]

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Casa Popenoe

Rewriting history When the Universidad Francisco Marroquin acquired the Casa Popenoe from the Popenoe family in 2007, we never imagined that, through its historical research, the university would rewrite the house’s history. Dr. Arq. Alberto Garín, curator, has done a fabulous job of just that! Meticulously going through the Popenoe family records and interviewing Dr. Marion Popenoe Hatch, he has […]

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