Equal Day Equal Night

From “Maya Roads: One Woman’s Journey Among  the People of the Rainforest” by Mary Jo McConahay

Written By. Mary Jo McConohay IN THE BEGINNING, THE EARTH WE KNOW slept under watery darkness, like the view before dawn from the island of Flores. Standing on the balcony of my hotel, I saw the Petén sky rippling down to the horizon on all sides. The lake slept, however, unmoving as the firmament. Still lake, rippling sky. This brought […]

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Helping Hooves

by Anna-Claire Bevan (annaclairebevan.wordpress.com)  photos: César Tián

Local organization helps Antigua’s carriage horses When an accident forced her to stop riding five years ago, California-raised Suzanne Divoff was determined to keep working with horses, and on the streets of La Antigua Guatemala she saw an opportunity; Helping Hooves (HH) was born. Made up of three women, Helping Hooves started working with Antigua’s horse and carriage drivers with […]

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