TALK: Magical Classroom program for preschoolers

Guatemala events

Tuesday. (English) TALK Magical Classroom program for preschoolers. Magical Classroom (Aula Mágica) partners with other NGOs to find entrepreneurial and community-minded people to use pre-recorded, interactive educational programs to reach children in remote areas. It trains and pays these community facilitators to guide children in program activities while developing kids’ cognitive, language and social skills, preparing them to attend and […]

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Guatemala’s Magical Classroom

The nonprofit group Let’s Be Ready developed ‘Aula Mágica’ (Magical Classroom) to bring vital preschool education to remote regions of Guatemala. Every morning, teens walk mountain roads in rural Guatemala carrying magic in their backpacks. When they reach their destinations—community centers, churches, homes—they’re greeted by excited preschoolers who scramble into a circle, eager for the fun to begin. The teens pull […]

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