February 14, 2020 @ 5:00 am – 11:59 pm

Celebrating Valentine’s Day in La Antigua

Valentine's Day La Antigua

“In Spanish-speaking countries, Valentine’s Day is known as Día del Cariño, and it is common for friends, family members and lovers to exchange hugs and small gifts. Chocolates and roses seem to be the favorites. Showing your affection to those you care about by a phone call, text-message or even a flower reminds us of, truly, those who are close to us”. Elizabeth Bell

Antigua is a very romantic destination to celebrate this day, great Hotels to stay, Delicious restaurants with the best of Guatemala’s gastronomy, romantic coffee shops, tours around the monuments, and of course in the country of “Eternal Spring” red roses are not as expensive as elsewhere.

Here some ideas to Celebrate Valentine’s Day in La Antigua

Something to eat:

Choco Museo
The ideal place to buy Chocolates
5a Avenida Norte # 15, La Antigua Guatemala
Tel: 7832-0219

Valentine's Day La Antigua


Restaurante Del Arco
you can ask for a romantic setting for a special dinner
5a Avenida Norte # 28, La Antigua Guatemala
Tel: 7832 3610


Café Condesa
Inside la Casa del Conde
West side of Central Park, La Antigua Guatemala
Tel: 7832-0038

Valentine's Day La Antigua


Doña Luisa Xicotencatl
Restaurant & Bakery
4a Calle Oriente #12, La Antigua Guatemala
Tel: 7832-2578

Valentine's Day La Antigua


Cerro San Cristóbal
Breathtaking views of Antigua
Q10 shuttle leaving from Nim Po’t; Calle del Arco #29, La Antigua Guatemala


Arrin Cuan (Guatemalan cuisine)
Casa #2 Callejón Concepción, La Antigua Guatemala
Tel: 7832-0831

Valentine's Day La Antigua


International – Thai Wow
5a Avenida Sur #23, La Antigua Guatemala
Tel: 4097 4768

Special Valentine’s Dinner:

FEBRUARY 14 – Mesón Panza Verde
5a Avenida Sur #19, La Antigua Guatemala
PBX hotel reservations: 7955-8282 or email:
More Information:

Valentine's Day at Mesón Panza Verde

Where to stay: 

Antigua Hotel Solutions
11 beautiful, traditionally-styled hotels. We have a hotel to cater to every traveler´s need and budget.
Tel: 7832-3709


Filadelfia Coffee Resort
150m. North from Iglesia San Felipe de Jesús, La Antigua Guatemala
Tel: 7728-0800

Valentine's Day La Antigua

Where to party:

FEBRUARY 14 – Las Vibras de la Casbah
5a Avenida Norte, La Antigua Guatemala
More Information:

Valentine's day Party Antigua

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