Volcanoes of Guatemala

Volcanoes of Guatemala

“Three tectonic plates meet in Guatemala and the result is a wild and crazy adventure park with high and beautiful mountains, crater lakes and hundreds of volcanoes to form the spine of the country.” This is one of the best descriptions of Guatemala I have found was recently posted by Vanderbilt University archaeologist Arthur Demarest in “Five Things I Love […]

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In the Markets

In the Markets

Every Guatemalan market is a treat for all five senses. No, that’s not right. Modern chain supermercados from Arkansas or Salvador are splendid for shoppers, but shrink-wrapped, boxed or processed foods in glass cases or on neatly organized shelves don’t give much smell, sight or taste, while the piped-in music and packaged goods miss sound and touch pleasures. The sensual […]

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Rivers at Risk in Guatemala

rivers at risk

Across the northern indigenous hinterlands of Guatemala people are up in arms. You may have heard about it. They are up in arms over the companies involved in damming and mining—particularly hydroelectric projects; over their questionable business practices; deficit of environmental concern; and lack of respect for community well-being and consent, putting rivers at risk. Incidents both positive and negative […]

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Beach Getaway Pacific Coast

beach getaway Pacific Coast

This beach getaway is a hidden gem on a remote island on Guatemala’s south coast, Isleta de Gaia is a rustic yet chic resort that attracts curious travelers looking to de-stress and disconnect in a secluded, oceanfront setting. Isleta de Gaia, which opened in 2000 and was completed renovated in 2010, has nine charming, thatch-roof bungalows (six simple dwellings, 3 […]

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10 Reasons to Visit Monterrico Guatemala

Monterrico Guatemala

There are dozens of reasons to visit Monterrico and the south coast of Guatemala. It is a spectacular, beautiful area, with a variety of recreational and wilderness options. With tongue-in-cheek, Revue Associate Editor Matt Bokor gives us 10 of his favorite reasons to stop by. 1. The sand really is black. 2. You can take a side trip to Hawaii. […]

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Celebrate the Month of Museums in Guatemala

Guatemala museums

May is the MONTH OF MUSEUMS. There are many great museums throughout Guatemala. Here is a listing of some that you should definitely have on your “to visit” list. GUATEMALA CITY *Casa Mima – 8a av. 14-12, z. 1, Mon-Sat., 10am-5pm; tels: (office) 2253-6657 & 2232-6902, (museum) 2253-4020; beatrizquevedo@casamima.org, casamima.org Museo Arquidiocesano de Santiago de Guatemala – 7 av. 6-73, […]

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Color Me Flores – PHOTO OP by Susan Ives

flores guatemala

Intent on reaching the famous ruins, day visitors to Tikal might overlook nearby Flores, yet the island city has an allure of its own. The island and environs were the last stronghold of the Itzá-Maya and later served as a Spanish outpost. Both indigenous and colonial influences remain. The surrounding Lake Petén Itzá offers a blue backdrop for the island’s […]

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The Dragons of Ixlu: Dragonfly Watching in Guatemala


Dragonfly watchers are known to insiders as “Oding” enthusiasts. No other insect is as agile and quick as are these miniature helicopters. They can fly in six different directions. One scientist clocked a particular type of dragonfly flying at 90 kilometers per hour, making them the fastest of all insects! And just as is the case with bird watching, you […]

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Fuego Volcano: What’s going on?

Fuego Volcano Guatemala

“The reason why the February eruptions seemed stronger was basically wind direction blowing from west to northeast,” says volcanologist Gustavo Chigna at INSIVUMEH. “Each volcano is an independent machine—nay, each vent and monticule is for the time being engaged in its own peculiar business, cooking as it were its special dish, which in due time is to be separately served.” This […]

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Trekking the Cuchumatanes


There is a saying among well-traveled foreigners in Guatemala: Todo es posible aquí, y nada es seguro (All is possible here, and nothing is for certain). The Maya people, of course, know all about uncertainty. As a novelist, I have recounted of some terrible events that happened throughout the Cuchumatanes Mountains during the 1980s, and often wondered if time would […]

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Guatemala’s Caravan of the Fox

Guatemala Caravan of the Foxes

An extraordinary, world-class event occurs every February in the mountains of Chiquimula, Guatemala, making Esquipulas one of the Earth’s major pilgrimage sites, rivaling Mecca, Vatican City and the Ganges River. I arrived in Esquipulas on Thursday evening, Feb. 7. The little town was quieter than I had ever seen. No bustling crowds, no throngs of pilgrims lining up to file through […]

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Why You Should Hike a Guatemalan Volcano in Your Lifetime


For adventurous travelers, climbing a volcano is high on the to-do list. The appeal is both visceral and aesthetic. Depending on which one you choose to ascend, you will experience a palpable sense of risk and/or be rewarded by scenes of otherworldly natural beauty. Perhaps nowhere is this more apparent than in Guatemala, where the highest and most active volcanoes […]

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Wild Cats of the Middle Realm, Central America

Jaguar Guatemala

The Biogeographical Realm of Middle America stretches from the Mexico’s Isthmus of Tehuantepec in the north around to southern Panama. This narrow land bridge, which joins the two regions, has been the major dispersal route for species moving north and south, most often as the result of climate change caused by major ice ages and the relatively short, warmer inter-glacial […]

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Paradise in the Clouds of Quiché

Sunrise from Camp Seven

The Cerro Amay Cloud Forest by Philip D. Tanimoto, Ph.D. One hundred kilometers north of La Antigua Guatemala, away from the noise and traffic of city life, in the department of Quiché, there is a remote mountain called Cerro Amay that is covered with a dripping, virgin cloud forest. With an abundance of wild resplendent Quetzals, two species of endangered monkeys […]

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Las Conchas Waterfalls, Guatemala


ROADS TO ADVENTURE. text/photos by Capt. Thor Janson, navigator / explorer, facebook.com/nubliselva. Hidden Treasures of Chapinlandia – Alta Verapaz. New highways in Guatemala are opening up to the casual traveler incredibly beautiful, previously little-known locations, now easily accessible for any vehicle in good operational condition. The road between Raxrulha, Alta Verapaz and San Luis, Petén used to be only for bold travelers in 4×4, […]

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The Magic World of the Lacandón Jungle

Chambor K’in Chankayún

Roads to Adventure. text/photos by Capt. Thor Janson. As soon as I arrived at San Cristóbal de las Casas I got directions to the local airfield in order to locate a legendary Chiapanecan bush pilot by the name of Capt. Martínez. The place was abandoned, little more than a grassy strip at the end of which were parked several ramshackle old […]

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The Butterfly Watchers


text and photos by Thor Janson.   Bird watching is big business. It’s been reported that there are more than 20 million aficionados who are serious about watching these feathered friends in their natural habitat. Birds are often very beautiful and as a group they display a great diversity of color, shapes and behavior. But there is another group of […]

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House Sitting


How to get a house sitting gig in Antigua or anywhere by Akaisha and Billy Kaderli Those of us who live in La Antigua Guatemala know its splendid offerings: photo opportunities everywhere, Mayan culture, great weather, international restaurants, music, amicable residents and natural beauty. Still, on occasion one might want to go to the beach or travel to visit family […]

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Explore More and Go Deeper [part 2]

Explore More and Go Deeper [part 2] photos by Julia Harriman

Welcome back to my final five recommendations for deep travel adventures. Take advantage of the dry season and sunny skies to get out and explore. The reward for seeing and experiencing incredible locations that most will miss will be worth it!

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Carnival at Sugar City and It’s Raining Ash

Carnival at Sugar City and It’s Raining Ash by Thor Janson

Mazatenango is affectionately referred to by locals as “Sugar City,” as it is surrounded by cane fields and sugar refineries. The growing public antipathy toward everything sweetened and flavored with genetically modified corn syrup has led to a real boom for Guatemala’s south coast producers of real, natural, cane sugar. This current economic upsurge is reflected by the prosperity of […]

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The Zen of Travel

Cartoon of The Zen of Travel

Turismo is a concept so young that a century ago only the wealthy did it. And two centuries ago, nobody did. If you left “home” for anything, it was about mercantilism, conquest, or pilgrimage, and it was invariably dangerous. But nowadays, since so many of us do it, and since it has quickly become global, a vocabulary has quickly grown […]

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Panic on Pacaya

Pacaya looked like an immense Roman candle as the lava shot more than one kilometer into the firmament and a deep, ultra-low frequency roar emanated from the trembling ground below our feet.

Guatemala is particularly blessed by these immense conical peaks and dozens of them line up along the eastern edge of the Pacific coastal plain. Three of these cones are considered active: Santiaguito, Fuego and Pacaya, while others, like Atitlán, are considered semi-active due to the presence of steam-emitting fumaroles.

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Flying at the top of a mountain

Canopy photo

What is the best place for a bird’s eye view of La Antigua Guatemala? Many people think it’s from the Cerro de la Cruz (Hill of the Cross), situated on a mountain north of the city. Even higher than the Cerro de la Cruz is the Santo Domingo del Cerro. Add an incredible zipline adventure (Circo del Aire) and there […]

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