Romantic Comedy filmed in La Antigua Guatemala

Hunting Party

HUNTING PARTY Close up and in focus with filmmaker Chris Kummerfeldt Quiroa by Bessie Byrne. For Kummerfeldt, hunting is an important part of finding purpose and meaning. But it can also be seen as the everyday process of living. “We’re all hunting for something,” he says, “and this process is very spiritual.” After five years of planning, one month of filming […]

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La Camioneta, The journey of one American school bus

by Shannon McCullough Anyone living in or visiting Guatemala knows that the majority of camionetas are converted U.S. school buses. While traveling through Guatemala as part of his Latin American studies, filmmaker Mark Kendall became intrigued with the transformation process after having a conversation with a camioneta driver. It was in that moment he became inspired to share the story […]

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