Profile: Elena Tujal Cocón

by Jan Theberge  photo: Amber Eastman. Fresh organic produce available every Saturday — Elena Tujal Cocón has been selling her organically grown vegetables for more than three years on the patio at Fernando’s Café in La Antigua Guatemala. You can find her there every Saturday from 11 a.m. until 1 p.m., standing behind a table heaped with a beautiful assortment […]

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Dragon Fruit, the Nighttime Fragrance

By Dr. Nicholas M. Hellmuth

Pitayas are one of the climbing cactaceas, named after its habit to use trees as a physical support. Pitaya (pitahaya) is a night-blooming epiphytic cactus, which is common throughout Guatemala and surrounding countries. Many hotels in La Antigua Guatemala and around Lake Atitlán, El Remate and Tikal have pitaya and/or their relatives blooming over the summer. For example, hundreds of […]

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Banking The Unbanked

18-year-old Reidi Ventura tends seedlings in her own greenhouse

La Fida finds ways to spread and trickle down wealth to rural El Salvador El Salvador is enjoying more economic growth than any other Central American state, according to World Bank indicators. Nevertheless, rapid growth typically increases the disparity in income distribution, particularly in a country still dressing its wounds from the 13-year civil conflict that ended in 1992. But […]

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