The Flag of Guatemala – Winners of the Revue Photo Contest Sept. 2018

In honor of Guatemalan Independence celebrated in September, here are the results of our Photo Contest “The Flag of Guatemala”


Flag of Guatemala

1st Place “My Flag / Bandera Mia” La Antigua by Jaime Barrientos Montalvo

flag of Guatemala

2nd Place “Guatemala, your name is immortal. / Guatemala, tu nombre es inmortal” by Jacky Valle

flag of Guatemala

3rd Place “Cenote Ownajab” Laguna Brava, Huhuetenango by Luis Iván Girón



1st Place “The beauty of my flag / La belleza de mi bandera” 4 Grados Norte, zona 4, Guatemala City by Julio Hurtado Lobos

flag of Guatemala

2nd Place “untitled” Cerro El Baul, Quetzaltenango by Kevin de León

flag of Guatemala

3rd Place “On Parade” by Edy A, Morales

We hope you enjoy the independence festivities in September.

THANK YOU to all the participating photographers.

You can see all of the excellent submissions on the Revue Facebook page

The winners and a many of the submitted photographs will be published in the September, 2018 digital, interactive issue of Revue.

To receive your prizes, please write to

Here is the list of prizes:

photo contest

* Winners outside the Antigua area, will receive their Ganorsa Pet Care Package via GuatEx

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