Guatemala’s Season of Aromas


SENSUOUS GUATEMALA by Ken Veronda. The spice and smoke aromas, the sweet and pungent, hot cocoas and burned punk, fruit punches and sugary eggnogs, odors that harmonize with all we’re seeing, hearing, tasting, touching. Cedar and chocolate, cinnamon and corn, breathe deep and enjoy this holiday time of rich aromas in the air. The pungent pine needles on market floors, […]

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Antigua Street Dogs – Making a difference

antigua guatemala street dogs

Original submission by By Dr. Dennys Marroquín and Amber Eastman (photos: Eduardo Montepeque) When visitors and tourists come to our beautiful city they are often disheartened by the large number of homeless dogs they see on the streets, many suffering from extreme malnourishment, injury, skin disease, and abandonment. It can be utterly heartbreaking to witness and feel so compelled yet unable […]

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Agua Para Todos — Water for Everyone

Water for everyone, Antigua Guatemala

La Antigua Guatemala. An Antigua restaurant’s initiative is gaining several positive comments on social media. Luna de Miel is giving Ecofiltro purified water to any person who passes in front of the restaurant. We invite all restaurants to do the same, and be part of the positive change that Antigua needs. It will help the environment by using less plastic […]

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Hydroponic Farming in Guatemala

Hydroponic systems expert Guy Christopher inspects some crops

“Modern Farmer” explains, “In a hydroponic system, a nutrient-dense water solution circulates through the plants’ roots and replaces the need for soil and traditional fertilizers. This technique allows farmers and gardeners to grow food in kitchens and basements, on windowsills and roofs.” The system, long ago embraced by indoor pot growers, may go mainstream as farmers in drought-stricken areas, particularly […]

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BOOK ALERT Historias Culinarias de La Antigua Guatemala


“All the books I’ve created have been something special and an important part of my life. Historias Culinarias de La Antigua Guatemala is my 20th book, and I believe that we absolutely accomplished our goal, to capture the heart and soul of everyday chefs and establishments in La Antigua Guatemala.”    —Ricky López Bruni Editor Ricky López Bruni Fotógrafos Ricky […]

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Winners of the Revue Photo Contest, Dec. 2015: Nov. & Dec. Traditions in Guatemala

3rd PLACE by judges vote “El Nacimiento de La Abuelita” by Leslie Pappa. Prize: Q50

Winners by Popular Vote Winners by Editorial Decision A big thanks to all the participating photographers. The winners and a number of honorable mentions will be published in the December issue of Revue. You can see all of the submissions of the Dec. Photo Contest here — and for next month… ALERT TO ALL PHOTOGRAPHERS: We invite you to submit your favorite […]

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Guatemalan Cuisine Overview


by chef and author Amalia Moreno-Damgaard. ( Located in the heart of Mesoamerica, Guatemala is the cradle of the Mayan civilization and as such it was an important agricultural and cultural hub. Many key species of crops emerged, including corn, tomatoes, chilis, squash, beans, potatoes and chocolate. Guatemalan indigenous cuisine incorporated the food of the ancient Mayas prepared according to rustic […]

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La Antigua Guatemala — A Step Back in Time


Guatemala Insight by Elizabeth Bell, author/historian. Old drawings and photographs of La Antigua Guatemala have always fascinated me. They take me back in time to when Antigua truly seemed almost abandoned. We know very few people stayed after the official move of the capital to Guatemala City in 1773. While we have some historical records from the 1800s and few drawings by […]

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Antigua International School Inaugurates New Campus


Last Saturday (Nov. 7, 2015) hundreds of parents, children, teachers, administrators, and guests celebrated the opening of the new campus of AIS (Antigua International School). First there was an interactive tour of the campus with classroom demonstrations and participatory opportunities including a quick marimba lesson for anyone interested. After that there were a few short speeches, some entertainment provided by […]

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The Evolution of the Tortilla


text and photos by Louise Wisechild. The savory tortilla, made from ground maize (corn), is Guatemala’s favorite food staple. Maize itself plays an important cultural and spiritual role in Mayan cosmology. In the Maya creation story, people were fashioned from yellow and white maize. Maize is the foundation of the Mayan diet and culture. Maize is also one of the […]

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Susana Asensio, The New Mayor of La Antigua Guatemala


by Julie López. If architect Susana Asensio embodies anything, it’s perseverance. Her bid for mayor’s office in the Sept. 6 elections was her fourth attempt to reach La Antigua Guatemala’s mayor’s office, a post she will hold from Jan. 14, 2016 through January 2020. This time around, she ran with a “comité cívico” (a local civic committee) that gathered community […]

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