REVUE’s June 2014 Photo Contest: Trees of Guatemala

We invite you to participate in our MONTHLY PHOTO CONTEST for JUNE 2014 with the theme TREES OF GUATEMALA; please send ONE (1) HI-RES photo without watermarks, with caption/location and your name and website for the credit line to: + We will only accept high resolution photographs without watermarks. + Submissions entered by the 10th of May 2014 will […]

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Winners of the Revue Photo Contest: May 2014. Mothers in Guatemala

2nd place. Prize: Carved Jade Pencil Holder from Jades Xibalbá. theme: Mothers and Children
title: Tu Mirada...Mientras duermo acurrucada en tu regazo. place: San Marcos. photographer: May Ramírez

Winners by Popular Vote on Facebook All of the wonderful photographs can be seen at: Thanks to all the participants Honorable Mention. theme: Mothers and Children. title: Amor Eterno. place: San Juan Sacatepequez. photographer: Leonel Cuc  

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Savoring Cuaresma

Pescado en Escabeche

(Recipe for Pescado en Escabeche) by Chef Amalia Moreno-Damgaard Lent (Cuaresma), the time leading up to Holy Week and Easter, is celebrated by about 1.2 billion Christians worldwide. In Guatemala around 60 percent of the population, or 8.2 million Roman Catholics, observe it in a very solemn manner. This is especially so in La Antigua Guatemala, where you’ll find […]

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House Sitting


How to get a house sitting gig in Antigua or anywhere by Akaisha and Billy Kaderli Those of us who live in La Antigua Guatemala know its splendid offerings: photo opportunities everywhere, Mayan culture, great weather, international restaurants, music, amicable residents and natural beauty. Still, on occasion one might want to go to the beach or travel to visit family […]

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Education First

A Safe Passage for Children in Guatemala City’s Basurero Neigborhood by Benjamin Reeves Guatemala City’s zona 3 includes the basurero, the city’s dump. Though there is no official census, an estimated 7,000 people, which according to local residents includes approximately 1,000 children, work in the basurero picking through trash to find plastic and metal that can be sold to recyclers. […]

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Discovering Passion in Guatemala

  by Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa Passion! A word that evokes many differing images with diverse expressions of the experience. April is the month in Guatemala where passion ignites its richness with a cacophony of events, emotions and experiences that are here for you to discover. When we live from our passion we experience a richer life. It […]

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Lent and Semana Santa

Antigua recently surpassed Seville, Spain as having the largest Easter Week celebration in the world today! In 1524 the conquerors had barely set foot in Guatemala when they introduced their traditions for Lent and Semana Santa from Seville, Spain. These have evolved over the centuries and Antigua recently surpassed Seville as having the largest celebration in the world today! Carpet […]

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