The Zen of The “ImpSub”

by Dwight Wayne Coop

The “Impsub” is not a subsurface vessel manned by cheeky cherubs, but a tense separating men scholars from boys. I would know, since it long confined me among the latter; I still regress on occasion. The topic must be approached inductively and deductively. If you have been out of college long enough to forget what these are, a refresher (in […]

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Dragon Fruit, the Nighttime Fragrance

By Dr. Nicholas M. Hellmuth

Pitayas are one of the climbing cactaceas, named after its habit to use trees as a physical support. Pitaya (pitahaya) is a night-blooming epiphytic cactus, which is common throughout Guatemala and surrounding countries. Many hotels in La Antigua Guatemala and around Lake Atitlán, El Remate and Tikal have pitaya and/or their relatives blooming over the summer. For example, hundreds of […]

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SMILE Dental Care in Guatemala

Dr. Oliva and Lilah’s new smile.

Written By Lori Shea. In recent years, Guatemala has become known as a first-class destination for those seeking high-quality, affordable dental care. In North America and Europe, families are concerned with the high cost of dental procedures. Thanks to instantly accessible internet resources, they can save thousands of dollars by taking advantage of medical and dental options in Central America. […]

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Birds of a Feather?

The new nation of Timor Leste has yet to choose its national bird. For the moment, though, a chicken appears both on a coin and on postage stamps. This might not be as bad of a choice as it initially appears. Chickens, considered objectively, are resplendent things. Colonel Sanders would never have been interested in any of our local national […]

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Coconut Bread Dreams and Caribbean Wishes

text/photos by Tara Tiedemann

Do you ever notice that traveling throughout Guatemala feels as if you are visiting a variety of different countries? The terrain, the language, the climate and the culture can change so rapidly that it’s incredible to believe that all of these micro-communities and regions make up the one beautiful country we know as Guatemala. Let me introduce you to another […]

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Termales De Santa Teresa

text/photos by Lena Johannessen

EL SALVADOR GETAWAY Just minutes from Ahuachapan in western El Salvador, right across the border from Guatemala, lie the amazing thermal waters and spa of Santa Teresa. Named after the farm of the same name, the hotel and soon-to-be restaurant are clustered around a series of thermal pools with temperatures ranging from lukewarm to tingling hot. Several cabins are located […]

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Trauma In Paradise

Written By Dr.Alejandro Paiz The waters of Lake Atitlán have a sedative force when you observe them, especially with the typical spectacular sunsets as a backdrop. Until recently, this was the only balm available for the poorest of the mentally ill in the Atitlán Basin. The beauty of the region hails from its unique topography, an irregularity that, while lovely, […]

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Equal Day Equal Night

From “Maya Roads: One Woman’s Journey Among  the People of the Rainforest” by Mary Jo McConahay

Written By. Mary Jo McConohay IN THE BEGINNING, THE EARTH WE KNOW slept under watery darkness, like the view before dawn from the island of Flores. Standing on the balcony of my hotel, I saw the Petén sky rippling down to the horizon on all sides. The lake slept, however, unmoving as the firmament. Still lake, rippling sky. This brought […]

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Keys to a Vibrant Life!

Vibrant running water (photo: Rudy Girón)

Optimum hydration is essential for good skin tone and a healthy metabolism. Water clears toxins from our bodies and carries nutrients to our cells. Water is a solvent and can carry both healthy and unhealthy substances. Municipal water systems worldwide provide water; however, is it healthy? Sadly, many are not. Most municipalities use chlorine to kill bacteria in the water, […]

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RIOS Guatemala

2012 expedition group on the río Cahabón (Alta Verapaz), photo: Luis Enrique Lopez Argueta

written by Max Baldetty RIOS Guatemala is the result of the passion for paddling, the love of nature and the need to preserve at least one river in Guatemala. The push to create RIOS Guatemala came most recently from an expedition to paddle and film the country’s endangered rivers (details of the documentary screening are at the end of this […]

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Winners of the Revue Photo Contest, Oct. 2012

Posición/Position: 2do lugar / 2nd place Premio: 3 botellas de vino La Chamiza / 3 bottles of wine La Chamiza Tema/theme: Mascotas guatemaltecas / Guatemalan pets Título/title: El Turista / The tourist Lugar/place: Arco Santa Catarina, La Antigua Guatemala Autor/author: Andrea Michelle Contreras Alvarez

Ganadores por decisión de los jueces del equipo editorial / Winners by editorial decision Ganadores por voto popular en Facebook / Winners by popular votes in Facebook Todas las fotografías participantes / All the photos participating Agradecemos a todos lo que participaron con una fotografía en nuestro concurso fotográfico. We thank all the people participating in our photo contest.

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Live Music at Personajes de La Antigua

Live Music at Personajes de La Antigua by Nelo Mijangos

Personajes de La Antigua es uno de los lugares en los cuales se puede encontrar música en vivo y que destaca por traer de los mejores grupos. Es un punto de reunión en el que muy pocas veces y podemos ver extranjeros un poco curioso. Todos los nacionales disfrutan del gran ambiente que Personajes de La Antigua siempre tiene.

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Lakeside San Marcos

Lakeside San Marcos, Lake Atitlán, Guatemala

A simple yet captivating place overlooking Lake Atitlán, San Marcos attracts travelers from around the world to enjoy its tranquility and laid-back attitude. Visitors to this idyllic spot can spend time with the indigenous people of Guatemala, partake in craft making and traditional Mayan ceremonies and hone their Spanish skills, all while enjoying the lake’s grandeur. Every town on the […]

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Time-lapsed Video and Photos of Guatemala’s Fuego Volcano Erupting

Photos of Guatemala's Fuego Volcano Erupting by Rudy Giron

Here’s the Associated Press introduction to the news report about Fuego volcano eruptions from September 13, 2012: A long-simmering volcano exploded with a series of powerful eruptions outside one of Guatemala’s most famous tourist attractions on Thursday, hurling thick clouds of ash nearly two miles (three kilometers) high, spewing rivers of lava down its flanks and prompting evacuation orders for […]

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Inauguration of works by Zachary Zimmerman at Mesón Panza Verde

Inauguration of works by Zachary Zimmerman at Mesón Panza Verde by Nelo Mijangos

On Wednesday 12 at 5pm Panza Verde held the inauguration of works by Zachary Zimmerman. You can visit Mesón Panza Verde (tel: 7832-2925), 5a av. sur #19, La Antigua to look at the paintings of Mr. Zimmerman.

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Presentation of the book “Sin Límites” by Andrea Cardona

Presentation of the book "Sin Límites" by Andrea Cardona (photo by Nelo Mijangos)

“Sin Límites” or “Without Limits” is the title of the book presented by Andrea Cardona after two years of working on it where she presents the life lessons she learned on her way to climb Mount Everest; thus becoming the first Central American woman to do so. This book is not just for climbers, but for anyone trying overcome obstacles […]

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Inauguration of “Escenarios Legítimos” Exhibition at The French Alliance in Guatemala City

Inauguration of "Escenarios Legítimos" Exhibition at The French Alliance by Nelo Mijangos

Mario Santizo, Regina José Galindo, Luis Molina y Álvaro Arrivillaga, Clara de Tezanos, Angélica Sánchez y Miguel Ávila presentaron una exposición colectiva titulada “Escenarios Legítimos” en la que construyen escenarios que despliegan una serie de cuestionamientos que se posan irreverentes ante la lentre crítica del espectador, haciéndole ver o quizás recalcándole la ambivalencia de lo que se toma por cotidiano. […]

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Declaración del Octubre Fotográfico y FotoFest

Declaración del Octubre Fotográfico y FotoFest by Nelo Mijangos

Representantes de la municipalidad de La Antigua Guatemala, Fotofest Guatemala, y el consejo para la protección de La Antigua Guatemala, la comisión sociocultural, Inguat, Club Fotográfico de La Antigua y Grupo Réflex se reunieron en el Palacio del ayuntamiento para llevar a cabo la lectura de la declaración del mes de la Fotográfica en La Antigua Guatemala. A partir de […]

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Inauguración de la exposición del Club Fotográfico de Antigua en FOTO30

Inauguración de la exposición del Club Fotográfico de Antigua en FOTO30 by Nelo Mijangos

Inauguration of the photo exhibition by Club Fotográfico de Antigua within the FOTO 30 photo festival for September 2012 at the Museo de Arte Colonial, former Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala, 5a calle poniente No. 5, Antigua Guatemala. The “¿Víctimas o Victimarios?” photo exhibit shows a series of images that explore and question the perceive victims and victimizers in […]

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How can I break my dogs of this dangerous habit?

Dogs behavior

Question: My 1-year-old mixed boxer dog continues to get under everyone’s feet when guests walk through the door. I’m afraid he is going to trip and hurt someone. How can I break him of this dangerous habit? Trying to break a dog from a habit usually involves scolding, shooing away, banishing or other unpleasantness. However, with a dog who wants […]

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FOTO30 Photo Festival Inauguration

FOTO30 Photo Festival Inauguration by Nelo Mijangos

The Centro de Formación de la Cooperación Española in Antigua Guatemala was the place where the FOTO30 Photo Festival was inaugurated with an exposition by photographer Rodrigo Adb entitled “Fotografías 2003-2012” which shows his work in Guatemala spotlighting the power relationships he has found in the country. The exhibit will be open until October 28. El Centro de Formación de […]

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Enrique Cruz España Exhibit

Enrique Cruz España Exhibit

Maestro Enrique Cruz España is one of Antigua’s finest artisans. His exhibit, La Gente de mi Ciudad (People from My City) premieres at Capuchinas (2a calle & 2a avenida) in La Antigua on Friday, Sept. 7 at 5 p.m. and remains open through Sept. 29. La Gente de mi Ciudad features clay figures depicting 28 local residents, among them Jimmy […]

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September 2012 in Revue Magazine


Torch bearers, school marching bands, marimba music, speeches, bombas, and street vendors will add a festive note to Independence Day (Sept. 15) celebrations that are held countrywide. Fittingly, the subject for this month’s photo contest was Guatemalan Patriotism. The theme is carried out on our cover with a photo submitted by Ana Lucía Marin Orellana. Congratulations to all the photo […]

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