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Santa Cruz La Laguna

| December 9, 2011 | 2 Comments

Santa Cruz La Laguna

text/photos by Carla Berryhill

I have been to Lake Atitlán several times since moving to Guatemala. For me, there really is no one town or village on the lake that stands out more than the other because I think they are all interesting, beautiful and unique—but, my personal favorite is Santa Cruz La Laguna. There are no roads to Santa Cruz so visitors must hop in a lancha, (water taxi) from one of Lake Atitlán’s larger towns.

The little municipalidad of Santa Cruz sits high above the lake, tranquil and picturesque. After walking up the steep calle to reach the town, visitors will be wowed by the most amazing views.

Every time I visit Santa Cruz, I marvel at all there is to do: relax, swim, follow the trail to Jaibalito for lunch or go all the way to San Marcos, hike up to a waterfall, take a back-strap weaving course from one of the local women, or hop on a lancha to San Pedro and go horseback riding, visit the town of Santiago Atitlán, cruise the streets of San Juan de la Laguna and see the array of women’s co-ops that keep traditional weaving and dyeing skills alive—the list goes on.

Traveler Beware: Santa Cruz La Laguna may be habit forming!

Faces of Santa Cruz

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  1. Juan C. Cheves says:

    Ggood article on Santa Cruz La Laguna. It would have been great if Carla would have found the CECAP which is an amazing vocational center at the heart of Santa Cruz. It is worth an article by itself! See:

    Best regards,

  2. I agree with Carla, there is not such a beautiful village like Santa Cruz! There is also a nice and relaxing location of our School here by the calle principal… Nice garden and great place for birdwatching!

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