September 2011 in Revue Magazine

Flag bearer by Leonel Mijangos -

Flag bearer by Leonel Mijangos -

September is always a festive month with Guatemala’s Independence Day on the 15th. Expect lots of fireworks, parades, music and events as Guatemala celebrates 190 years of independence (page 15). And with presidential elections coming up on Sept. 11, this month will be especially significant (page 54).

Also in this issue: Unicorns in Guatemala? Conservationist / photographer Thor Janson reports on his successful quest to document the creature, which he photographed in the cloud forest in the upper reaches of the Atitlán Volcano. See his story and photographic proof starting on page 18.

Speaking of proof, Ilegal Mezcal, a high-octane libation that pours forth from Café No Sé in La Antigua Guatemala, is catching on globally. Brendan Byrne, highly experienced in alcoholic beverages, traces the genesis of this elixir (page 64).

From Guatemala City, Anna-Claire Bevan takes us on a tour of the Guatemala Children’s Museum, a wonderland of hands-on, thought-provoking exhibits and activities for kids. And if you’ve ever wondered about the huge statue of a proud warrior near the airport, Anna-Claire explains it on page 36.

After writing last month about the ill-advised introduction of large-mouth bass into Lake Atitlán, Panajachel scribe Dwight Wayne Coop this month tells of another foreign invader making an impact on the lake.

Much more lies in the pages ahead. And check out DateBook for the art exhibits, concerts and special events coming up this month.

—Matt Bokor

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