Menu Update Alert for… Monoloco Restaurant

Mango Festival Monoloco Restaurant, an international haven for food, drink and sports in La Antigua, recently expanded its varied menu with several tasty new additions and a few specialties just for mango season. The new pulled pork sandwich, served with a side of french fries or salad, features a tasty mango-barbeque sauce that any BBQ-lover would enjoy. Patrons can also […]

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WINGS celebrates 10 years of serving families

Sue Patterson (center) with WINGS supporters

Serving over 30,000 people in seven departments, WINGS recently celebrated over a decade of achievements in the fields of family planning, reproductive health and improving the lives of Guatemalan families. With the theme “It All Begins With Family Planning …,” WINGS’ 10th anniversary launch party in March brought 150 guests to Mesón Panza Verde in La Antigua Guatemala, where they […]

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Spitters, Scratchers & Snappers

Question: I have an 8-year-old, longhaired, neutered cat named India, who has always groomed himself with care. Why would he stop cleaning himself around his behind and back legs? Answer: There are several possible reasons: Cats with bad teeth or gums can have oral pain; if he is overweight, he might lose his ability to reach around sufficiently; also there […]

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Flowers in Mayan Art

Flowers are part of Mayan decoration, outfits and rituals. Kings wear flowers in the headdress. In addition to being purely decorative, flowers have deep meaning in Mayan religion and folklore. Especially between the 3rd and 9th century AD, perhaps a dozen different flower species are depicted in Classic Mayan murals and in art on funerary ceramics. For many years I […]

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Where Food Meets Fashion

There was a time when food was just food. Saucepans were saucepans, cutlery was cutlery and kitchens were just … well … kitchens. But things are changing. Guatemala City’s popular household and garden store House & Green is fast turning local cocinas into catwalks where trashcans and wooden spoons deserve their place on the culinary runway. Since its opening nearly […]

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Gourmet burgers arrive in La Antigua

Lava grand opening

Gourmet hamburgers have just arrived in La Antigua at the newly opened Lava Terrace Bar and Burgers, at 4ta Ave. Norte #3. The menu features everything from the standard hamburger and bacon-cheeseburger to imaginative concoctions such as the jalapeño popper burger, boomerang burger (sautéed onions, beetroot and fried egg), San Antonio Chili burger, Hawaiian burger (grilled pineapple and cheddar) and […]

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Menu Update Alert for… The Terrace at La Casbah

The late-night place for music and dancing in Antigua, La Casbah also offers excellent dining options, which have just gotten tastier with the addition of five new appetizers: • Vietnam rolls, filled with fresh soybean sprouts, lettuce, fresh mint, chicken, shrimp and rice noodles—all wrapped in delicate rice-paper rolls. The dish comes served with hoisin sauce sprinkled with chopped peanuts. […]

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Esperanza Juvenil

Innovative program rescues kids, prepares them for success A shoeshine boy until last fall, Gregorio wants to be a doctor when he grows up. Thanks to an unlikely encounter on the streets of Guatemala City, he actually has a chance. “I was going to school in the morning but working, shining shoes, in the afternoons. I met a man whose […]

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A traveler’s Perspective of Guatemalan Destinations

I left my favorite shirt on a hammock in Monterrico

text/photos by Tanya Hughes Guatemala is a magical place. I came here the first time on a brief holiday that started on the Caribbean coast of Mexico and took me through Belize and finally into Guatemala. I was impressed with Tikal and Petén, but I immediately fell in love with La Antigua Guatemala. The unique energy that has captured so […]

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What’s the church museum just south of La Antigua?

Located next door to the Church of San Juan del Obispo, the museum at the convent is well worth a visit. Originally built in 1547 by Bishop Francisco Marroquín as his private residence, much of the original structure of the church and convent still remain after centuries of renovations. It is one of the most important historical monuments in La […]

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Aquamarine (photo: Matt Bokor)

One of this month’s birthstones is beryl, a simple colorless crystal in its pure form. But Guatemala is never colorless, so to celebrate May we must find some impure beryl, which gemologists tell us can be green, blue, yellow, red, white. Whatever, it’s still beryl, with different names. Let’s go find this month one crystal from the impure-beryl list: aquamarine. […]

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David L. Jickling

David L. Jickling (1927-2011)

“What a fine, gentle, pleasant man he was,” recalls Luisa Wheeler of Doña Luisa’s on 4th calle, where David often enjoyed ice cream or morning coffee after checking his e-mail at a nearby internet service. Ken Veronda, another friend, added, “David leaves fond memories of his curiosity and a body of research and writings of Antigua.” David died on April […]

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The Power of Guatemalan Roses

In May, the fancy for mothers turns to roses—which have more than meets the eye or nose. Not all plants sport flowers, but those that do use them to mate with others of their species. Appropriately, we use them to hail and express love, especially in February and May. Roses in particular are favored: red and burgundy roses in the […]

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Peace Corps volunteers honored at 50th anniversary celebration

50 new Peace Corps volunteers were sworn in as part of the anniversary celebration

Finishing two years as a Peace Corps volunteer in Totonicopán, Samra Brouk summarized her experience in three words: “challenging, surprising, satisfying.” “It was probably the two hardest years of my life but at no point did I think there was anyplace else I should be,” said Brouk, 24, a native of Rochester, N.Y., who plans to go to law school […]

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