April 2011 in Revue Magazine

The Next Generation photo by Leonel -Nelo- Mijangos (nelo.ws)

The Next Generation photo by Leonel -Nelo- Mijangos (nelo.ws)

There is a lot of bustle going on in La Antigua. Matt Bokor notes some noisy, noticeable events unrelated to Semana Santa, and it’s true—though horn honking has been (effectively) banned, every weekend central park is set a flurry with noisemakers and music makers, helicopters buzzing overhead, “bombas” and firecrackers bursting and snapping at the ground, church bells ringing, some clanging—plus, this month, all the preparations for Semana Santa 2011 come to fruition. In Sensuous Guatemala Ken Veronda describes the yearly event as Kaleidoscopic Days. See DateBook for more activities, from a musical performance on high at the Capilla de Santo Domingo del Cerro, to art exhibitions, with a “don’t miss it” suggestion on The Universe of Carlos Mérida.

Not only does Antigua host the largest Easter celebrations in the Americas, it was here that Pedro Betancur would transform into Hermano Pedro; in 2002, he was canonized and became Santo Hermano Pedro, the first saint of Central America as well as the Canaries. This edition features his incredible story from shepherd to saint, researched and written by Joy Houston.

People and Projects spotlights From Houses to Homes and Niños de Guatemala—two organizations providing homes and education, two critical steps toward a future full of possibilities.

There is much more to read about this month in the Revue, both in print and online at www.revuemag.com.

—John & Terry Kovick Biskovich

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