March 2011 in Revue Magazine

Ceiba pentandra, Guatemala’s national tree (photo by Dr. Nicholas Hellmuth)

Ceiba pentandra, Guatemala’s national tree (photo by Dr. Nicholas Hellmuth)

On our cover this month is the majestic Ceiba pentandra. It is the national tree of Guatemala and was revered for thousands of years by the ancient Maya as the sacred “world-tree.” In one of our feaure articles Dr. Nicholas Hellmuth describes the ways that the ceiba influenced Mayan art.

The influence of man on Manatees is the subject of conservationist/photographer Thor Janson’s article “Discovering the Mermaids.” Through his field notes we are reminded once again of the danger in which we have placed these gentle creatures.

Other subjects covered in this month’s issue include: medical tourism in Guatemala; the Men and Women in Action organization; romantic weddings in Antigua; new schools offering new opportunities for children; what to expect during Lent; delightful desserts; the ritual of absinthe; and when and where you can catch a ton of cultural events.

We would like to include a final adios to our good friend of many years, Walter White.

March also marks the Revue’s 19th anniversary. We gratefully acknowledge the confidence our advertisers have shown in us over these oh-so-many years, please know that we are still working hard for you. We would be nothing without our readers, and for your continued support we thank you profusely. And lastly, without our amazing Revue staff, we simply wouldn’t be.

Have a great month and may your adventures only be the good kind.

—John & Terry Kovick Biskovich

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