Antigua Guatemala Patron Saint Celebrations

  • 9 Fri., 7pm — BEAUTY CONTEST: Elección y Coronación de Señorita Antigua 2010-2011. Q50. Salón César Brañas 5a calle poniente # 44-A.
  • 10 Sat., 2-5pm — DANCE: Folk dances featuring municipal dance groups. Salón César Brañas.
  • 10 Sat., 8-4pm —ART: Outdoors Painting Festival. Central Park.
  • 11 Sun., 7pm — MUSIC: Concert by Colectivo Dharana, Central Park.
  • 16 Fri., 7pm — PARTY: In honor of Señorita Antigua 2010-2011. Q50. Salón César Brañas, 5a calle poniente # 44-A.
  • 18 Sun., 8:30am — SPORTS: XXIX Medio Maratón Las Rosas, start and finish at Central Park. Registration: 5a calle poniente #30 (Surtiaceites Méndez), Q50.
  • 18 Sun,. 8:30am — ART: Exposition and sale of handicrafts made at the Municipalidad mini-factories, as well as from the Mercado de Artesanías and the Compañía de Jesús. Central Park.
  • 18 Sun., 12pm — GOURMET FESTIVAL: Festival Gastronómico, organized by Municipalidad de La Antigua, CAT, INGUAT and INTECAP. Salón César Brañas.
  • 19 Mon., through Sat., 24 — ART: Esposition of paintings by artists Roberto Mux, Patricia Pol and Juan Ramón García Gómez. Palacio del Ayuntamiento (City Hall), Central Park.
  • 25 Sun., 4pm — PROCESSION: with Santiago Apóstol around Antigua streets.
  • 25 Sun., 6pm — MUSIC: Concert by several marimba groups, fireworks. Central Park.
  • 25 Sun., — CELEBRATION: Día de Santiago (St. James Day) honoring the patron saint of La Antigua Guatemala. There will be processions and cultural festivals throughout the month.

Following is a listing of the festivities. More info at

Santiago Monument by Leonel Mijangos/

Santiago Monument by Leonel Mijangos/

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