8 Bountiful Breakfast in Antigua Guatemala

Guatemalan Breakfast (photo by Rudy Giron - http://AntiguaDailyPhoto.com)

Bohemian Breakfast — two eggs, country potatoes and bacon scramble, served with a toasted bagel and your choice of a cigarette or a multivitamin at Bagel Barn (inside front cover) Típico Panchoy — eggs ranchero, refried beans, sausage or ham, white cheese, fried plantains, cream, orange juice, bread or tortillas, coffee or tea at Café Panchoy (page 73) Pancakes Andrés […]

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How is Valentine’s Day celebrated in Guatemala?

Valentine’s Day (Feb. 14) is celebrated by many people throughout the world. In English-speaking countries, it is the traditional day on which lovers express their love for each other with Valentine’s Day cards (winged cupids are among the favorites), flowers and special dinners. Commercial valentines were introduced in the 1800s. The history of St. Valentine—its patron saint—is shrouded in mystery. Valentine’s […]

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The American Society of Guatemala

written by Ralph Anske The American Society of Guatemala (ASG) was founded on June 14, 1960 by a group of American citizens residing in Guatemala. The society was created to provide a focal point to strengthen community ties and provide an institution to represent the interests of its members. It helps them contribute in situations where citizens of the United […]

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A Walking Tour of “Old” Panajachel

Panajachel is firstly a walking city. If you drive in it, you soon tire of the paucity of two-way streets. And every rocky contour of those streets registers on the pant-seat of every chicken-bus rider. Tuktuks look fun, until you actually ride in one. And much of Pana is not overly bike-friendly. So, unless pogo sticks catch on, feet remain the preferred vehicle.

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First Vintage

Chateau DeFay

A rewarding excursion to Guatemala’s first winery to produce wine from locally-grown grapes since colonial times text and photos by Ira Lewis Hidden behind a coffee finca on the lower slopes of volcano El Agua is the first winery to produce wine from Guatemalan-grown grapes since colonial times: Chateau DeFay. Jacques and Angie DeFay recently presented their first vintage after […]

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Festival Atitlán

The Festival Atitlán returns for its 9th year, once again celebrating springtime with music, dance, theatre, graphic art displays and workshops, plus a great kid section, and a promise of a beautiful day with family and friends outdoors on the shores of Lake Atitlán. As is the custom, the proceeds are donated to a local good works project. In the […]

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Be My Valentine

Antigua Guatemala Roses

Our town of La Antigua and the Guatemalan Highlands send valentines to their lovers this month through each of the senses. Elegant long-stemmed red roses go out from local growers to all Europe and the Americas, and the roses not exported fill the markets for local romantics. Rich red bougainvillea vines spill over the white walls, dainty red fuchsia hang […]

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February 2010 in Revue Magazine

Caldo de Pata (Photo by Rudy Girón/AntiguaDailyPhoto.com)

Deciding where your next dining out experience is going to take place entails some decisions. What kind of food do you and your companions feel like indulging in? Gourmet? Local? International? What price range? What kind of ambience? Formal? Casual? Breakfast or lunch? Dinner here, dessert there? The decisions become even tougher when there are so many wonderful eateries to […]

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