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Night Time at the National Palace (Photo by Iván Castro -

Night Time at the National Palace (Photo by Iván Castro -

Kilómetro Cero (Kilometer Zero) is located at the National Palace in the Historical Center of Guatemala City’s Zone 1. From there the distances on all roads in the country are measured. The National Palace is located on the Plaza Mayor, and when you turn the next page writer Michael Sherer will take us on a fun sightseeing tour of this beautiful area.

Our thanks once again to the talented photographer Iván Castro for this month’s cover of the National Palace. August 15th is Guatemala City’s patron saint day. All month the city will be celebrating in honor of the Virgen de la Asunción, including many events in the historic center.

This issue brings the final installment of Joy Houston’s Healthcare in Colonial Guatemala series, covering the University of San Carlos Medical School. Jack Houston’s profile of Robert Hinshaw explains how years of anthropological study can result in a pair of novels centered around Lake Ati-
tlán. People and Projects shines the light on Progresa, a scholorship/loan program that has been around for 35 years. Dwight Wayne Coop reveals through some interesting logic what Guatemala’s national dish is.

This month we welcome a new contributing writer to Revue. Laura McNamara brings us several great stories—from a unique street artist to a well-known marimba group to a foundation for the welfare of equines to a possible rising rock star. Creating a multimedia extension of the Revue, Laura has taken videos to accompany some of her articles, and they can be found on our website. Also new to our website is the “Revue News Tweets” (thanks to webmaster Rudy Girón) where you can get your daily DateBook event fix. Thanks as well to Ken Denham for his story suggestion.

We wish you all a happy August.

—John & Terry Kovick Biskovich

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